Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now that I've recovered from actually attending the convention...

I thought I'd point out something I witnessed (I'll quote the Newsarama writeup, though) since I've had a few commenters on this blog worried about this:
- Will Kyle Rayner die?

Didio asked the panel: Should Kyle die?

Van Sciver: "Absolutely not"
Starlin: "I missed the question because I was talking" (to a woman in a Power Girl costume), but then he added, "yes."
Calafiore - Yes
Wayne - No
Jones- No
Levitz - No

Didio said "Stop right there."

Aureliani, who would have been next after Levitz, said - "What, you don't ask the cartoonists?" To which Didio said, "He's the boss."
There. The freaking Publisher telling the Editor-in-Chief he didn't want Kyle Rayner dead. If that Green Lantern was ever on the fabled kill-list, he's not anymore.

(Not to mention the Green Lantern artist sounded absolutely horrified at the thought of killing that character.)

Beyond that Didio said that Green Lantern #26 would lead directly in Kyle joining Countdown at the Friday panel.

Now will you guys please stop angsting about Kyle's fate and let me enjoy the current storyline?


  1. Don't both EIC tend to mislead the public though at these events nowadays? I've got no dog in this hunt though. While I prefer Kyle over the other GL's (and in fact am probably one of four people who LIKED Emerald Twillight) his life or death in this story doesn't mean much to me. Unless it affects Blue Beetle or Manhunter the only two "regular" DC titles I even kind of follow...

    I checked out this Sinestro Corps stuff and wasn't that impressed. Some nice character moments, but otherwise just another crossover used to build up to some OTHER even BIGGER crossover. Boring, boring, boring. Plus it features EmoBoy Prime, the Undestrectable Deus Ex of DOOOOOOOOM...

    Whiny teens annoy me and happily DC created one as a major character and gave him the powers of a God...

    Oh yeah and the ideas behind both the Ion parasite and Parallax parasite make my eye twitch. Sorry...

    But I'm glad that you're grooving on it and sad that other people's complaints are harshing that. (He says after writing a lengthy reply full of complaints).

  2. I've always gotten the impression that Geoff Johns rather likes Kyle, so I'm sure that after a LOT of suffering (Johns also likes suffering) he'll be just fine.

    Oh, and they'd better not kill Guy!

  3. Just to play devil's advocate, there was that infamous account of someone storming out of an Identity Crisis editorial meeting and thumping the wall at the news of a character's death.

    I don't know if that may have been connected to the narrowly avoided death of Dick Grayson, but it's food for thought.

    Honestly, as much as I love the idea of keeping characters forever, I wouldn't hestitate to kill them if the story demanded it.