Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Also Unnerving

Someone in my comments recently called me a "Voice of reason."

How the fuck did that happen?

I'm a Green Lantern fan. I'm not supposed to be a voice of reason. I'm not supposed to be in the same room as Reason! I checked Reason at the door of my first GL fan-club meeting and lost the claim ticket while inside.

And I'm certainly not supposed to be the fan writing reality-checks. I'm not supposed to be the level-headed one. I'm supposed to be the one standing on the hood of a rusted lime green Oldsmobile waiving a Sector 2814 T-shirt in the air to distract Ron Marz while my deceptively mild mannered but similarly deranged sidekick fills water balloons with oil-based paint!

Yeesh, when the Lantern fans have to tell you to rein the fannishness a tad, its gotten bad.


  1. I think it's because you haven't actively called for the gangland style execution of Ron Marz/Geoff Johns/Grant Morrison/Judd Winick nor recruited a posse of well-armed, like-minded people to exterminate the families, friends and pets of said creators.

    I know that pain well as someone who - whenever the dreaded "Who is your favorite Lantern" question comes up - asks why I have to choose between Hal and Kyle. What's wrong with Guy, John, Kilowog or Insert Name Of Lantern Who Appeared In Only One Story Here.

  2. It wasn't me! I swear! Green Lantern fans, we DO seem to have an odd kick in our gallop, wouldn't you say? I don't want to hurt any ex-GL writers, I just want to chain Geoff Johns and Keith Champagne in a room and make them write it forever. And throw Van Sciver, Reis and Gleason in there with them to DRAW GL forever.

    That's reasonable, right?

  3. Oh crap, looking back I DID call you a voice of reason. I promise to never do so again.

  4. Lisa,

    Have you seen this?:

  5. Starman -- That's why I loved Van Sciver's "All 7200 of them" answer. I'm convinced the current teams on GL like just about everybody.

    Sally -- Don't do it again.

    Robert -- Well, I've been living in the Hollow center of Venus with my head under a rock since last November, but I think I recognize the address.

  6. Can ya keep it down? I'm trying to figure out how to get paint into a water balloon.

  7. Try a funnel.

    Not that I've had... experience.

  8. Easy, get the paints that either come in a bottle with a small top or a tube. You take the opening of the balloon and put it over the "spigot" of the bottle/tube of paint. Then you pour the paint into the ballon.

  9. This is belated, but I'd like it known that I object to the term "sidekick".

    I'm a minion damnit. I have a union card and everything.

    Hmph. All that sycophancy wasted.