Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quick Note

I've seen three posts today that suggest DC characters have been replaced by Skrulls.

Wrong universe. DC characters get replaced by Manhunter robots, which are currently active and being led by an old Superman baddie. Adjust your theories accordingly.


  1. Oh come on! Jason Todd? Totally a Skrull.

    Wrong universe? Yeah, that's why the Monitors are pissed.

  2. Siskoid -- Hey, that makes sense! I bet Duela, Jason, and Donna were replaced by Skrulls!

    Donna a long time ago.

    Kyle's probably just a mix-up, though. He was a skrull for Winick's and Rab's runs, and got switched up for Rebirth but the monitors don't realize that.

  3. the problem is (and i say this as a DC fan) that skrulls are fun villains, and the manhunters are incredibly lame.

    hmm, surely there has to be some DC enemy-within equivalent that's more interesting, but most of the examples i can think of were one-shots of one kind or another.

    the best one i can think of is starro the conqueror, and he'd have to learn to hide the facehuggers.

  4. Buttler -- White Martians?

    There's 70 of them!

  5. ooo, good call. now all we need is someone to play ROM, and we're off to the races.

  6. Bah on your robots and aliens. Its all about the crazy Cadmus clones. Cadmus, your one-stop shopping for all your mad science villiany needs...

  7. Didn't all the White Martians die in Joe Kelly's JLA?

  8. Hey I posited Kyle being revealed as a White Martian in the thread about the ways to piss off Kyle fans.

    Then, of course, there's always getting replaced by a Durlan (ask Shrinking Violet during the Levitz Legion days).

    Or by a clone. Ask Superboy (oh...wait...) right before "Sins of Youth."

    Besides, I thought, for the most part, the Manhunters, at least the human agents, were human and were not heroes, but allies/friends of the heroes (Lana Lang, Jim Gordon, etc.).

  9. I'm still holding out hope that the Yelena Belova Super-Adaptoid was really a Skrull...

  10. Ah Millenium...I wish I could forget you...

  11. What about that weird guy that is always hanging out at my local comic book shop? Is wearing the same t-shirt every single day a sign of someone being a Skrull?

    Also, I'm fairly certain Skrulls are limited to Earth-Marvel.

  12. BAH!

    (Still pissed off that his "Slade's Hypos" never caught on as an all-purpose explanation.)