Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still missing the point.

Loren over at Suspension of Disbelief did an overlay test and discovered that the Power Girl cover was altered before release to give her a smaller breast size.

However, her lifeless posture, incorrect anatomy (the breasts are still anchored to her ribcage -- boobs don't work that way!) and utterly vacant expression remain.

Good god, DC, its not about the fucking cup size. Its about when your artist doesn't bother to draw the rest of her because he thought big breasts got the character across.

They don't.

Next time you kick Turner in the butt, make him fix the rest of the cover too. Or better yet, don't hire his lazy ass!


  1. I prefer this for the "a least they're trying" file.

  2. Sinspired -- Except it means they're not actually bothering to listen, they're writing off the complaints as "about boob size," possibly assuming we're all fat ugly girls who are jealous.

    They will continue to do a lot of shit, just with smaller breasts, and assume they're doing okay because they capped the cup size.

    I'm inclined to bring this one up at a con, tell them to their FACES that that's not what the complaints were about.

  3. How hard would it have been to have it redone? Any artist worth his or her salt could easily whip up a "two characters standing around doing nothing" cover in no time.

    Hell, I could have done it for free. I'm no Caravaggio, but I'm a hell of a lot better than Turner (Micheal, not Joseph. Heh)

  4. You put that so perfectly I don't even have anything sarcastic to add.

  5. It isn't her cup size, it is the horrible vacant dead look in her eyes. (AND Canary's) that is so off-putting. And the bad anatomy and lack of any sort of life or action.

    Except for the rotting flesh, they ALL look like zombies.

  6. Maltzer said early on that they had reduced her cup size. A lot of us took that to mean it happened before the preview image, but now it looks more likely that they reduced it afterward (but before releasing the image in the first place).

    That sounds to me like they're courting complaints -- that that was the whole point of releasing it in the first place.

  7. I think I wasn't even looking at PG by the time the actual book came out. I was looking at Dream Girl and wondering where the Naltorians store their internal organs...

  8. Dear Nonnymouse --

    Except that it couldn't be redone. It was solicited with that cover, with Michael Turner as the artist.

    To change it means changing the solicitation and that costs time and money, and opens DC up to returnablity.

    But yeah, that cover should've been returned to Michael Turner with a sticky note on it saying, "Thank you for playing, please try again."

  9. Plus it was the third of three covers that fit together -- which also complicates the timeline to redo it.

  10. About the whole "anchored to her chest" thing.

    I have FF breasts. They sag. The meat is all in the lower part of the breasts and the upper part is mostly stretched from the weight of the rest of my boobs.

    If I wear anything that cuts across the top of my chest like that, I get a shelf exactly like the one on that cover.

    Sp, basically, that weird anchored-to-chest thing is entirely possible if that character has saggy, realistic boobs like mine, and if her costume has a supportive, cleavage-enhancing underwired hidden bra in the bit that actually wraps around her breasts.

    Possible. Very uncomfortable and excessively bounce-producing (making it even more uncomfortable), but still possible.

  11. That said, it's still a crap cover.

  12. I have FF breasts.

    At first glance, I read that as "I have Fantastic Four breasts."

    I've just come to the horrifying realization that my Y chromosome is overpowered by my geek chromosome.

  13. That cover is Reason#284 why we should make JG Jones the new JLA cover artist.

    And scoff as you might at Benes' covers, he's a young Nick Cardy compared to Turner.