Sunday, July 01, 2007


Adam Hughes did the cover for the San Diego Comicon Keepsake book. We had a newsgroup discussion and I'd like to get everyone's first thoughts on this one.


  1. Luke: I practice my lightsaber all the time.... in the dark.

    Leia: Did you ever get distracted then strangled by a princess in the moonlight?

    Han: I'm a bad bad boy and I know how to use both my guns.

    DarkVader: *rolling eyes* Amateurs.

  2. Luke looks doofy.

    Han's in an iconic Han pose.

    Leia's not in an overly-sexualized pose, and the picture's clearly referencing when she killed Jabba, but the "Slave Leia" outfit still seems a bit gratuitous. Her white outfit from A New Hope is just as well known and more appropriate, especially considering Luke and Han's attire.

  3. Leia's costuming provides some color contrast from Luke. And, I think, it's become the more iconic of her costumes, for better or worse. Given all that, though, I'm glad she's ready to strangle.

  4. what will said

    They could have just put Leia on the other side of Han (like she usually is when they are wearing Ep 4 costumes) for color contrast.

    I'd feel better about her being in that outfit if "ready to strangle" was my first impression. The chain is too close to her neck; my first impression was that she was chained and in danger. The fact that she holding the chain in such a way as to use it as a weapon came a few split seconds later. Don't know if that's just me, though.

    And I disagree about it being the more iconic costume. When I pretended to be Leia as a a kid, that was never the outfit I was wearing in my head. Leia as iconic in her Jabba outfit is an adult's view, not a child's.

    The fact that Leia is in that outfit, while the other two are in their ep 4 outfits tells me that this cover was likely made by men for men. Not because it's bad or deliberately sexist, but because we are relating to Han and Luke as we did as kids, but we are relating to Leia as we do as adults. Which is Star Wars nostalgia through the internal lens of a man who was once a boy, not a woman who was once a girl.

  5. I think you guys are over thinking things a bit. the picture's pretty obviously taking place at a comic convention, and when's the last time you saw a group of people taking pictures of a Princess Leia that wasn't Slave Leia?

    As far as the art, I think Leia face is perfect. Luke and Han's are kind of off, but I still think it's a neat piece.

  6. When I played Star Wars as a kid, Leia's white costume was the only costume, so I can't speak to what kids today choose (although I'm guessing Amadala, or whatever her name is).

    But I think Snackboy's point is valid -- whether or not the costumes have parity in other places, they certainly don't at cons.

  7. SnackB0y11 said "when's the last time you saw a group of people taking pictures of a Princess Leia that wasn't Slave Leia?"

    Well, I'd say pretty much every convention. I see groups around people who have good costumes, which includes all incarnations of Princess Leia.

  8. On another tack ...

    It's a comic convention, but the cover is an illustration of a series of films. OK, they have all been adapted into comics, but I think the emphasis here is on "comics" as short-hand for "geek pop culture", which always depresses me a little.

  9. Leia looks like a dominatrix, the first impresion I got from the chain was as if she was gonna use it as a whip

    The classic "strong woman whose strenght is part of her sexuality"

  10. "while the other two are in their ep 4 outfits tells me that this cover was likely made by men for men."

    Correction...Han is in his Ep 5/6 outfit. He wore a vest in Ep. 4.

    I think that Snackboy brings up a valid point, in that this IS the outfit most dressed up in for women going to the con as Leia. Still...

  11. Correction...Han is in his Ep 5/6 outfit. He wore a vest in Ep. 4.

    (hangs head in shame)

  12. The different costumes are what the newsgroup came up with.

    Except you guys missed the height thing (which didn't make it from the newsgroup to the final Blog@Newsarama post). Leia should be shorter than the other two. They're cosplayers.

    (What? Did you think Feminism is the only thing I talk about?)

  13. I find the placement of Luke's hand a leeeetle bit creepy.

  14. First... DarkVader? You're not allowed to comment on Star Wars stuff if you're calling him DARK Vader.

    The height is way off. Han and Luke are both crouching somewhat, but unless Leia has on some serious stilettos that we can't see, then it's a mistake.

  15. My first thought is that Luke is a tool.


  16. While we're being nit-picky, the lightsabre is generally held two-handed. Luke looks like he's going to drop it.

  17. OF COURSE it's an Adam Hughes cover. OF COURSE it is. God.

    For the immediate iconic Leia outfit is her white one, preferably when she's armed with the stormtrooper's laser. This may be because I've seen A New Hope more than the others, but that's the outfit I think of whenever she's mentioned.

    -- Anun

  18. Luke-looks like he's on the verge of dropping his lightsaber. Dang, more Jedi lose their toes that way. Wouldn't it have been cooler to have Luke in his rockin' all-black Jedi threads? He didn't use the saber all that much in the white poncho.

    Han-He actually only wore that jacket in ESB. He went back to the vest in ROTJ. I guess if you're hanging around on Hoth you need some sleeves to stay warm. That jacket, by the way, was OFF THE HOOK. I betcha the Ugnaughts kept it to impress the ladies.

    Leia-Yeah, wayyyyyy too tall. With white robe Leia, ceremonial gown Leia, Hoth battle fatigues Leia, Bespin dress Leia, Leia as Boussh, chillin' with the Ewoks hippie Leia, and forest commando Leia, they chose THAT outfit? Appealing to the lowest common denominator, much? Her expression is pretty amusing, though. She looks positively elated to be on the verge of choking Jabba to death.

  19. Is that Spider-Man taking a picture in the lower left?

  20. Yeah, spider-man on the left, scruffy fanboy on the right.

    Y'know, if I showed up at a convention as Luke Skywalker, and my varsity volleyball playing sister was dressed as "Slave" leia, I'd be holding her hip and waving my lightsabre like that too. Conventions be kind of scary.

    Eh, regardless of choices made on this piece though, I have to bow down before his skills.

  21. "find the placement of Luke's hand a leeeetle bit creepy."

    Dude! She's your sister!
    Actually, until I clicked for the embiggened version, I didn't get that it was Leia's left hand holding up the chain; I thought it was someone's hand on on her left shoulder and couldn't for the life of me figure out whose.

  22. I know this discussion is dead, but thought I'd point people towards my my much longer reply if anyone is interested: