Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What a way with words!

The poor Boys have to deal with the fact that many, many Girls are entering (or already inside) the Comic Book Club Tree House and are rearranging the furniture, just a little, so that they don't have to sit on the floor or the other boys' laps.


  1. Well...that just sums it all up so very neatly.

  2. Good! It reminds me of something I read about after the U.S. Navy started to finally allow women to serve aboard ships. The Navy noticed that as soon as ships went co-ed, they were using a lot more fresh water then ever before. At first the Navy thought it was because of the women were using a lot of water. It turned out to be the men. The men were suddenly concerned with their own personal hygiene and started to take daily showers. Before the ladies came aboard, they would often go days in between showering.

    Maybe a similar hygienic phenomenon will take place in the world of comic book fandom. I would love to go to a comic book convention and not have to smell fanboy-funk.

  3. That would be nice if it were true, but I don't see this reflected in the actual comics.

  4. whoa, there's a comic book club tree house? no one told me about it. that just figures.

  5. Now a gentleman wouldn't make you sit on the floor ladies.

    On the other hand, moving other people's furniture is quite a social faux pas.

  6. Monroe -- I've seen so-called gentlemen. They separate us into ugly and pretty girls, ugly girls sit on the floor, pretty girls on the lap.

    Its hardly a faux pas to move some coats back to the closet to make room to sit.