Sunday, May 13, 2007

More contact info -- to complain to Marvel

Angry at Marvel over something? Sadly, Quedsada's just the EIC and can't do anything for you if its not a comic book, but Guy has the goods on who can:
Quesada = Didio / Levitz = Dan Buckley. And yeah, I suspect the statue is something the comics side of the business has little control over; not unlike the movies.

Contact licensing here or here:

Marvel Licensing Department
Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
417 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Also, if you're serious about this, I'd suggest contacting
Alan Fine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Toy Biz and Publishing Division (same address), and their PR rep Jeff Klein (, Executive Vice President, Dan Klores Communications.
Oh, and since Dan Didio's only as powerful at DC as Quesada is at Marvel, those of you outraged over the Supergirl, Catwoman, and Barda statues might want to try here:
Paul Levitz, Publisher
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
NYC, NY 10019


  1. Oh, wow. Great statue! I'll mail them right away to see if I can get one.

  2. I would so have gotten a Barda statue with her kicking butt Kirby-Style.

  3. I wonder if Alan Fine would want his wife or daughter portrayed that way.

  4. i dunno, it's hard for me to get my boxers in a twist over this one. maybe it's just because it seems like just another photo shoot for MJ. if it were someone for whom cheesecake poses were at all out of character, i might feel differently.

  5. I gotta agree with buttler (and I'm dodging the things being thrown at me). It doesn't seem that out of character for MJ. And it was designed by Adam Hughes. I haven't seen anyone mention that yet (I may have missed that in my cursory search of the links).

    Understand what I am saying though, if you are offended by it, I applaud your taking action. I think the Supergirl statue pointed out by someone was terribly ridiculous, and I am turned off by most things Michael Turner draws these days (Power Girl and her Power Breasts). I just tend to think this MJ statue isn't terribly bad in regards to her characterization.

    If this was Aunt May on the other hand...

  6. All right, I looked at it again. It is excessive even for a Former Model and Professional Girl-In-Peril like Mary Jane. I tend to give Hughes a free ride because of his endless skills.

    Disregard my last post. I totally see where people are offended (I'm not, but I get it).

    And I see that Hughes' part was obvious from the start. It just struck me odd that he hasn't been called out more in the subsequent commenting.

  7. Oh for god's sake. What the hell is wrong with you people? The idea for that statue is BRILLIANT, and it looks cool too, except for the eyes that seem to be of slipshod make.

    Anybody who gets furious over that statue officially hates FUN.