Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Its spreading beyond even the movie fans now.

Holy crap, we just got Boing Boinged.

This is after clearing Feministe and Pandagon (but Pandagon didn't link When Fangirls Attack!)

Given that the Batwoman fracas started outside the community in a huge venue like the New York Times, and this one flared up at a personal livejournal, I'd say its officially bigger than Batwoman.

Not bad for a statue that only got a few eyerolls two months ago.


  1. Thanks for the hit spike! Good thing I don't pay for bandwidth.

  2. FYI, the MJ statue just it Oh No They Didn't!. Expect it to make it through the gossip blogs...

  3. Keep up the great work. I read both this blog and WFA almost daily...but I check in here to read *your* opinions before diving into WFA.

    Your work--on both--is appreciated.


  4. yeah - I don't know what is up with Pandagon. Not that they don't make mistakes like this more often than they should, but you'd think they'd know by now that feminism, comics, and When Fangirls Attack go together.

  5. This will only increase sales.

  6. Samwise -- If you're feeling so secure in your superiority, dearie, so certain that the outrage won't harm the production of your precious little fetish statues, why do you feel a need to say so here?

    Why do so many of you feel this intense need to try and shut down all criticism by saying that the sales will only increase as a result of the fuss? Is this one of those things where you fear we're making an impact and you try and say a thing so many times to make it true?

    Because, logically, if you thought our efforts were truly fruitless and would only help the statue sell you wouldn't be averse to letting us scream our heads off. Why try to stop us then?