Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will there be people-eating monsters involved?

Tonight brought a great deal of snow to Oklahoma (so my plans to get together with a large group of friends and burn valentines in front of the Hallmark store were canceled), a new hiding place to my cat (which I still have yet to find -- and in my little apartment here are few enough options to seriously assume stepping through the mirror into another world), the unique experience of being serenaded over a text-based instant messenger (which Chris ruined three songs in by stating that he does this regularly for Kalinara), and great news on the latent goth front:
I'll be making an official announcement there, but here's the unofficial pre-announcement. This year will bring (drumroll, please) a NEW COURTNEY CRUMRIN BOOK!

Yes, it's true, the next chapter in the grand Courtney saga will come out starting in August. This time, it's going to come out a little different. Instead of four individual chapters, the forthcoming installment will appear in two perfect-bound 48 page editions; before being bound together into a single digest at the end of the year. The final collection will be the same charming mini-format as the first three, while the two issues will look more like the Portrait of the Warlock one-shot.

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