Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is it safe to blog yet? II


If anyone needs me, I'll be under my rock.


  1. As a fan of both American comics and anime, I feel an imminent need to commit seppuku just for belonging to the target demographic.

    I hate otaku.

  2. Let me amend that: the only thing I hate more than otaku are the corporate bigwigs who cater to otaku by systematically stripping properties of all their artistic value in order to make a few yen.

  3. LOL! I wrote about this at my blog, too. I think the whole thing is just ironic (and/or hypocritical) given the discussion about DC wanting more women readers. I mean, shouldn't we see Power Girl's nipples (and a broken back, for that matter) given the way her boob window is placed and the pose she's in? Ugh...

  4. ...given the discussion about DC wanting more women readers....

    If DC really wants more women readers, they ought to start a yaoi line. It couldn't possibly be more offensive than these figures.

  5. Looking for the good here...

    The Power Girl one isn't in heels, Batgirl is fully covered, and Supergirl still looks better than the Ian Churchill/Michael Turner version.

  6. I actually really like the design for Batgirl's costume (sans heels) as it reminds me of some kind of 70s-80s sentai costume. It's the pose and the anatomy that kills it for me.

  7. me, i'm just waiting till you hear what happened to mary jane.

  8. buttler -- Wait, isn't Spiderman: Reign out of continuity?


  9. yeah, it's a possible-future comic. somehow, writer/artist kaare andrews' commentary makes it worse:

    "This is a story that runs parallel to continuity. It’s an option. It’s an opinion. This is me taking a world I love, taking the characters I love and making them hurt. I want to be very clear that this is not an alternate reality."

    how screwed-up is that? also:

    "Why Marvel Knights? Because I am asking questions that need uncensored answers. What happens to a woman who marries a man with radioactive blood?"

    the whole thing just makes me angry. kaare wouldn't like me when i'm angry.

  10. they look like hentai dolls except for Batgirl. i feel creeped out looking at them.

  11. I didn't think the pose on Batgirl was that bad- it was a little odd but the stance said "she's fighting" to me.

  12. Oh, you think that's bad?

    It's worse when you see them alongside the Batman one. The dignified, bad-ass looking Batman one.

    Next to these superheroines strutting, arching their backs, and stretching preposterously in their skintight stripwear.

    And to think some people honest-to-god believe this industry isn't sexist.

  13. I am mildly amused that with the leggings Peej's actually more covered-up than she usually is and somehow it still looks so much worse.

  14. cross-posted from my post on the AFHub site:

    [insert really long lines of screaming obscenities here]

    I just frightened every cat in this house, Tim, and the birds.

    [insert more really long lines of screaming obscenities here]

    [insert even more really long lines of screaming obscenities here]

    Oh, my week is off to a flying start. I won’t be fit to live with for a month after seeing these.

    Yeah, we feminists have achieved our liberation. We just have to cash in. Yep.

    I’m so livid with DC my spleen hurts.



    AND A spectacular addition to any pedophile's wank collection. Collect one, collect 'em all! They're waiting just for you!

  15. As I mentioned on Girl Wonder, I really think these figurines show the underbelly of Japan's cute culture (even though they aren't Japanese). They're cute and innocent widdle sex objects. Awww.

    (Although I think the Supergirl one is pretty adorable...)

  16. Gosh...suddenly Star Sapphire doesn't look quite so bad.

    No, I lie. But STILL! I need some iodine to rinse out my eyes.

  17. Honestly, I kinda like the costume design on the Batgirl one...

    But yeah... uh... ewww on the PeeGee.

  18. But I disagree with you that you feel the need to be under a rock! You should be out here suffering with the rest of us!


  19. There are elements of Batgirl's and Powergirl's costumes that I like, but unfortunately they are nearly invisible given the puerile context.

  20. This only furthers my theory that artists think that if they dun have characters with huge boobies, ppl will forget that they're drawing women and juse see young boys or something.. >.>;;

  21. My jaw is aching.
    The veins in my head are bulging and my hands are literally shaking with rage.

    Dude! What the fuckity fuck!?!?!

  22. Okay, the Powergirl is a creepy mixture of oversexualised body with innapropriately young and innocent looking face, and the Catwoman one seems to be an underage poledancer, but looking at them again I notice that neither Supergirl nor Batgirl are in any kind of sexual pose. Batgirl is fully covered, and Supergirl is dressed similarly to the current model and far less sexualised than if she were, say, wearing a bikini.

    So rolling one's eyes at the dumbness, reasonable response. Shaking with rage? Seems a little much. I was more annoyed by the model of Big Barda as coatrack.

  23. ...How does Supergirl even walk in that?
    And why does Power Girl appear to be wearing parts from a Gundam model?

  24. Yeah, I'm with Marionette... those still look better than the Michael Turner Supergirl toy.

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around the type of mentality that would want to possess these. I... can't... do it!

    To be honest, these kinds of figures are everywhere here in Japan. They're even at Toys-R-Us... the much less sexualized versions of REALLY super-nekkid stuff they carry at hobby shops. That's one of the discomfitting aspects of living here. I tend to ignore it these days.

    But yeah, doesn't this say the purpose of women in the DC universe is merely to supply cuteness? Ultra-sexualized anime cuteness, in this case?

    For me, it's not that these by themselves are so bad. It's when you take them alongside all the industry wide crap, really. I read Occasional Superheroine and she's really opened my eyes to how institutionalized the sexism.

    And Merle has a point too... Batman gets to pose as a badass. Batgirl does cheesecake.

  25. We've got some really sick bastards walking among us.

  26. At first glance, I thought Batgirl was giving the devil horns, which would be cool because clearly Babs is effin Metal but then I looked at a full sized pic and saw it was just a wierd hand pose.

    I wept.

  27. This is bad because they don't just look like strippers...they look like child strippers.