Thursday, February 01, 2007

Geoff Johns, I could never stay mad at you...

Teen Titans spoilers.

He's getting mixed reactions, but I have to say that between that and the Batgirl revelation in that issue my anger at the POW storyline in Green Lantern has disappeared.

Which is weird because I'm a huge Green Lantern fan that's only marginally interested in the Gotham characters.


  1. HUUUGE Spoiler Alert:

    Does this mean "Slade's hypos" is going to replace "Superboy Prime's punches" as DC's all-purpose explanation for everything?

    Jean Loring killed Sue Dibny? Blame it on Slade's hypos.

    Supergirl is dressing and acting like an unlikeable tart? Slade's hypos (with special Kryptonite needles).

    Hal didn't bring his ring to a mission? He was juiced up on one guessed it...Slade's hypos.

    CIVIL WAR? Let's just say Slade's got a dimensional travel machine...and lots of hypos.

  2. Ha, I can easily still stay mad at Johns, so fierce and petty a fandork I am. :)

    Although what still has to be explained is why would Cass would consent to join Deathstroke and let him inject her with the serum? She seems willing, so far, to come under Deathstroke's wing and take the shots...

    It is a plausible explanation (and I will say Johns did a good job making things fit and make some sense), but I don't know if it rights all the wrongs, it depends what we see in WWIII and how the arc ends...

    And it's "Time is Broken" that's all the rage now.

  3. Why would Cass consent to join Deathstroke? Why, jlg, you underestimate the vast seductive power of....SLADE'S HYPOS!!!!

    (Or maybe he just snuck up on her the first time with a big dose.)

    Either way, I swear I will not rest until I make "Slade's hypos" THE comic catchphrase of 2007.

  4. Hi,

    I've got pretty strong feelings on this one, and wrote out a fairly long post about it on my blog. Let me know if it's okay to link to it here, as it'd probably be too big for the comment box.

    In case not, I'm against this mode of "reforming" Cass. It seems crass to just have her get kicked around by one more character for no reason other than Robin kind of cares about her.


  5. Casey -- yes, link it. You know I want it for WFA.