Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Teen Titans Creative Team Change

Geoff Johns is leaving to make room for Adam Beechen.

I dropped Teen Titans a long time ago because I didn't like Johns' Wonder Girl, and even though Beechen is the DC Hit Man for Batgirl I thought I might give it a shot. Because Marz was the DC Hit Man for Hal Jordan, and I still ended up liking some of his non-editorially driven stuff. Emerald Knights and Final Night were my first Hal Jordan stories.


  1. I'm a big fan of Beecham's run on Robin. I can't speak for the Batgirl change because I wasn't a fan of that character (Too creepy for me). Adam's run has been hella entertaining sofar, so I'll happily give his Teen Titans a shot.

  2. Beechen gets fun comics, so it's time for me to start reading TT again.

  3. I've really liked what I've read of Beechen's Robin run (I started after the Batgirl story, but I've never liked the character anyway). But Tony Daniels' departure is an even bigger selling point for me -- his art on the Robin/Red Hood confrontation drove me off the book. It looked like watered-down Liefeld to me, and what I've seen since, while showing some improvement, hasn't done much to change my opinion.

  4. Oh man, this is great!
    I absolutely love all of Adam Beechen's work on the Justice League Unlimited comic. That Blue Beetle issue is excellent. Robin's ranged from great to okay since he took over.

    I'm hardly going to stand up and support the changing of Cassandra Cain into a villian... BUT since it's already done, I feel like I should point out -

    1 - The character they've created out of Cassandra Cain is a good villian for Robin, who otherwise has NO rogues gallery.

    2 - AS WRITTEN, she's part Ra's Al Ghul, part Talia, so stories with her will draw paralels to the old Ra's/Batman stories. Since it's a Robin book more paralels to Batman , so that we can see the similarities and differences, are appreciated.

    I'm worried about things like the pages of Cass and Deathstroke in World War 3, and why when fighting everyone in the DCU she continues to wear the Batgirl outfit... but I'm not holding any of that against Beechen, and will be looking forward to his run!


  5. The big revelation re: Cassandra in this week's Teen Titans poses another interesting question:

    Could the same thing have been happening to Jean Loring?