Monday, December 11, 2006

This was too easy.

Actually, it is way too easy. I dare you all to make a nonsexual joke about it.


  1. Not that long time a reader, first time caller...

    The problem with this of course is that just in this context just about anything you could say could be read as sexual...

    That said...

    Suit Guy: "I'd like to ask if you have found god?"

    Towel guy: "Why? Is he good at opening locked doors?"

  2. Samarcand,

    Good try, but that's pretty close to the actual caption!

  3. That's just funny WITHOUT any words! *snerk*

  4. Guy 1: Folks told me I'd never find work as a door-to-door X-large towel salesman in this town, but I always say that if you stick with it--

    Guy 2: Oh, shut up and put me down for three!

  5. I see you've found the giant bunny.

    It ate my clothes!

  6. "I'm trying to save a cancelled comic"

  7. "The TSA thanks you for your cooperation with this complete search. You may now board your flight."

    "Next time could you warm the rubber gloves to at LEAST room temperature before using them? I swear you must store them in a freezer!!!"

  8. Man in suit: "Excuse me, sir, I'm the manager, what seems to be the problem?

    Man in glasses: "Um...I seem to have misplaced my wallet."

  9. Kevin -- because of what is happening in my life at this moment, you do.

  10. Kevin wins, but I have to try:

    suit guy: "As you can see, sir, our teleportation devices have instantaneous activiation and STUNNING range! They even work in water!"

    towel guy: "Wow, this is really cool! I'll take one!"

  11. steven: Had I died without ever seeing or hearing the word manscaping, I would have considered it a life well lived.

  12. "Star Sapphire, I presume?"