Saturday, December 16, 2006

Green Lantern Corps #7

The only reasonable reaction to this issue is a contented sigh and bouquet of roses for the creative team.

Oh, and letters to Tomasi demanding that Gleason design every costume in the franchise from this moment on.


  1. Oh, wasn't it lovely? Best issue ever. Mr. Gleason was even kind enough to comment on my review, which made me all giddy.

    But boy howdy! Aren't the Guardians going hardcore! Nice how they are basically blackmailing Von Daggle into doing the job. And Guy didn't look too happy about being volunteered either.

    But R'amey Holl's uniform was very nice, and practical too, with the cutout for her wings.

  2. I've been loving the series from the start- it's the closest DC has to pure space opera.

    And this issue- Dominators, Khunds, and Durlans. How can I not like it?

  3. The only thing of Champagne's written I'd read before was the first issue of Armor X, which had a good premise but sloppy execution. This, however, was much better, and I even liked Gleason's art more than usual. Plus, as Evan said: Dominators, Khunds, and Durlans- Oh my!

  4. I started GLC late so I'm a few issues behind still, but I'm catching up and liking what I've read so far. I was hesitant about Gibbons-free issues, but if you dug the new one that much, my hopes are now high indeed.

  5. Nice point about the Guardians. In the latest "52" (#32, IIRC), they make a very cold decision that pretty much puts them in the bad guy category for me. It's weird. I really wonder what sort of role they're going to take on in the DCU.