Sunday, December 10, 2006

Something to Smile About

Wonder Woman #6 Solicit from Newsarama:

Written by Jodi Picoult
Art by Drew Johnson & Ray Snyder
Cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson
Best-selling author Jodi Picoult (The 10th Circle, Sister’s Keeper) takes the writing reins, setting Wonder Woman on a collision course with her long-missing people, the Amazons!
Special Agent Diana Prince of the Department of Metahuman Affairs is assigned the impossible task of capturing Wonder Woman! How she can capture herself is just the start of Wonder Woman’s problems, as Diana Prince must relearn how to exist as a human woman and a deadly foe begins closing a net on the Amazon Warrior that will lead to a catastrophic outcome! With gorgeous art by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder (52)!
On sale March 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

So the Amazons return, the secret identity stays, and most importantly Drew Johnson is back. I love what the Dodsons have been doing, but damned if I didn't miss this guy to death. He draws the most incredible women, and the most incredible Olympians!

I hope this means he'll get to modernize Hermes. I hope this means the gods are back.

I hope this means it ships on time.

I hope this means I won't pan the crap out of this book because of I hate the writing.


  1. Diana Prince must capture herself? How?

    Can you say: WONDER WOMAN ROBOT

  2. " as Diana Prince must relearn how to exist as a human woman"

    That line has me worried, because it makes me think that they're de-powering her again, instead of just giving her a secret identity and that the cliffhanger at the end of issue #3 isn't just a mid-story event but a long term direction.

    (For the record, I HATE de-powered Wonder Woman as a long-term direction. It's like "Superman without powers" as a multi-year storyline - who cares? When I read a Wonder Woman book I want to read about Wonder Woman, dammit. I already read both Manhunter and Birds of Prey, so I already have a source for kick-ass action heroines without powers. For Wonder Woman I want stories about superheroics, dammit.)

  3. So many people have been b*tching about Drew Johnson being back, but I say: that's great! I do admit that he would probably do better with another inker, but he has improved so much since his Wonder Woman run, that I don't know if the inker will matter much.

    There's also been some speculation that the Wonder Woman on this cover is Donna, not Diana. But that doesn't make any sense since the blurb says that Diana will have to catch herself... unless she has Donna serve as a decoy, and that would be superfun. :)

    I also hope that the writing is good. If nothing else, the dialogue will be good. She is a novelist, after all.

  4. That's a gloriously old school cover, right down to the computer screen proclaiming "TARGET: WONDER WOMAN!"

    And, can it be that they've added a new writer who can actually be bothered to produce one script every month?

  5. I know nothing about the new writer... and novelists sometimes have an acclimation period to writing comics...but the art team sounds good as does the plot, so I'm cautiously optimistic...

  6. Ah, Sleestak beat me to it. But wouldn't it be awesome to see Robot Wonder Woman 2K!

  7. So...this will be out in March or so?

  8. The DC solicits that came out today say that #5 and #6 are coming out the same day(14 March)...hmmm...somebody got their wires crossed...

  9. Well, it's pretty obviously Diana in Manhunter, isn't it?

    I hope this story is actually about, you know, Wonder Woman, and not Greg Rucka's tangled plotlines or impenetrable continuity minutae.

  10. If I were writing it (Ha!) there would be a great scene where she locks herself in her office or the nearest restroom, laughs herself silly, then grabs her left wrist with her right hand and says to herself, "Ok, mission complete. What next?"