Friday, December 08, 2006

Let's Keep This Simple

In honor of this, my five hundredth post on this blog, I have prepared a very special treat for all of you.

Present behind the cut.

From the pages of Green Lantern #50,

in its very first appearance,

Kyle Rayner's butt.


  1. Yay! Congratulations on 500 entries! And, thank you for the view from here. That certainly was a treat.

    Here's to another 500 (and even more) entries!

    Congratulations again, R!

  2. Felicidades and thanks for the butt shot. Kyle is my favorite lantern!

  3. My god, it's the Platonic Ideal of a Kyle panel.

    It contains: a dance club, a butt shot, a Guardian, a reminder of social issues (and future cannon fodder), and Kyle being subtly profound and utterly befuddled in the space of a word balloon. All in Kyle's SECOND appearence!

    Truly, Ron Marz is a genius.

    Congrats! That takes dedication!.

  4. I agree with Steven - that panel just cast the mold for all future Kyle appearances.

    And I'll add my congratulations on your 500th postaversary as well. Here's to your 1000th.

  5. Ragnell, you are too too good to me. And a lovely little behind it is! *sigh* Oh, and congratulations on 500 posts!


  6. Congratulations! And thanks for reminding me that even straight guys can appreciate a Green Lanter's tuchus ;).

  7. Congrats, Ragnell!

    Mmm. Kyle butt. ^_^ He's the reason I started reading Green Lantern.

  8. Present 'behind' the cut...nice pun, Ragnell!

    Congrats on 500's to the next 500!!

  9. Congratulations...

    Now, can you finally admit that I had a good idea?


  10. Hi Ragnell,
    Congrats, and huzzah!

  11. Congrats!

    I still await the untold story of the drunken wino who saw Kyle become Green Lantern. At least this was more dignified than the animated version, where he got hit in the head in the men's room and took off into battle without washing his hands.