Thursday, December 07, 2006

Green Lantern: The Other Series #8

Lest you think I hated all of the Green Lantern books last week, I wanted to do an in-depth review Green Lantern Lite (mysteriously marketed as Ion for 8 issues now). Instead, I read the archives of the Invincible Super-Blog all night. You only get a short summary.

Surprisingly, despite some definite openings for feminist critique and a looming refrigeration unit on the horizon (you'll hear about it if it does indeed manifest, because I really like the threatened character), I was really happy with this issue. The story was cheerful, entertaining, and full of action that kept moving. I'm already very fond of Kyle. So yes, Ron Marz the only Lantern-writer not to piss me off last week.

I think it's mostly the art this time. There were two fill-in pencillers (Paco Diaz and Yvel Guichet, not sure who did which set of pages) which pleased me greatly. For various reasons I despise the regular artist and I shovel steaming mounds of criticism onto his work whenever possible.

I was pleasantly surprised by the art, and the writing was enjoyable.


  1. "Ron Marz the only Lantern-writer not to piss me off last week"

    Not a sequence of words you see very often, actually. (I like Marz well enough, and Kyle is pretty much my favorite Green Lantern with the possible exception of the Katma Tui from the JLU cartoon, but I know many folks just do not like either Kyle or Marz).

    I haven't been buying Ion - just picking it up and flipping through it occasionally and "waiting for the inevitable trade collection (tm)" - will it be worth the collection when its all said and done? The stuff that I've seen seems awfully disjointed and a bit hard to follow - is it really that way, or is it one of the rare superhero books these days that actually requires a careful read to pick up what's going on?

  2. Ion was rather light-hearted and fun this month. Loved the gladiator thingie, but he SHOULD have been in a loin cloth.

    Guy's timing, as usual was impeccable. Got a sister...or a young aunt? Tee hee.

  3. I liked it just because Kyle was actually resisting the naked, willing and "it looks like the parts match up" woman warrior. You never see that happen in comics anymore... well, none of the ones I read, anyway.

  4. It takes a special kind of artist to make Paco Diaz and Yvel Guichet look good. Greg Tocchini, he's special.

  5. Tocchini is so special I might've given White Tiger a good review if I'd seen his art first.