Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So I've Returned...

There are too many miles between Chicago and Oklahoma City. Maybe we could move Missouri out of the way.

Anyway, after a two day drive, I've finally made it back and I'm afraid to look at my bloglines. Wizardworld was a lot of fun, I got to see my sister, hang out with her, found a present for her, got my hands on Dracula vs King Arthur, picked up random independant books in Artist's Alley (mainly based on which sellers I liked best and how much cash I had on me at any given time), found a discounted copy of The Traditions Gathered sourcebook from White Wolf Games that had the Sons of Ether in it, read Tarot, fight on the way to the airport, make up at the terminal.

We had fun and a instant ice-breaker for all of geekdom ("So what happens When Fangirls Attack?") with our shirts, but sadly, no canned response. This was embarassing when, as I mentioned earlier, Dan Didio asks me for one at each Planning a repeat trip next year (not sure to which con) so we have until then to think of one.

I could have asked something insightful and relevant, but instead decided to ask about Carol Ferris and Katma Tui. Geoff Johns answered that we'll get an appearance by Star Sapphire, the Zamarons, and/or Carol in Green Lantern and the end of GL: Mosaic (Okay, I disguised my Katma question as one about John Stewart) is still in continuity. I asked that one a second time for clarity, and he answered in the affirmative in from of everyone. Then, as related by Kalinara, we approached him afterwards and clarified that I meant the resurrection. So, this could be interesting.

Two other people asked about John in both panels. More prominence for John Stewart is still a vague promise. I hope we won't have to wait for all of Hal's personal issues to be sorted out, or else we'll be waiting forever.

Dan Didio reminds me of an extra-enthusiastic Uncle who likes to give out presents, or a First Shirt.

Keith Giffen told me to not call him "Mr Giffen" anymore. "Sorry Mr. Giffen."

Got autographs from Ron Marz, Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, and Keith Giffen -- now I just need to wait for that order of Dragon's Blood and Wisteria to come in at the New Age shop and I'm all set to control DC Comics for the next seven years! (Kidding... Put the torches away...)

I have a 52 poster with Grant Morrison's signature on it, and a beautiful poster of Hal Jordan in front of Saturn drawn (and signed) by Mark Sparacio.

I have pictures of all four of us together with Geoff Johns, and I desperately wanted one of me and Kalinara with Ron Marz but Kim went to a panel while he was signing autographs and my own camera didn't have working batteries. I have some nice pictures anyway, and someday I'll get one with Ron Marz for the website.

I was surprisingly excited to see Liberty Belle on the JSA cover.

Kalinara showed me the first part of Lexx which was appropriately weird.

I've now been lost in Chicago driving three times now, riding while someone else drives twice, and walking once.

On the way home I was lost in two Springfields, St Louis, Joliet, Joplin, and Tulsa.

Psychocat is still alive. (I had the apartment manager check in on him.) For an hour after I got home he whined if I wasn't petting him, and a few minutes ago he bit me. Twice.

I never called that guy who left me the love note (Dammit Kevin, learn to spell!), and I didn't see the Girl-Wonder.org folks at all!

But I still had a lot of fun!


  1. Sorry I missed you! I owe you a serious high five for turning me onto Manhunter.

  2. I was really, really hoping that I wouldn't have to remind you that dating people you meet at a comic book convention is not a good idea.

    Ask Kalinara, she knows why I wasn't allowed to come to HeroesCon this year.

  3. "What happens when fangirls attack?"

    "Madness. Power. Domination."

  4. Sorry to show my ignorance here, but could anyone please explain what actually happens at the end of Mosaic, and the relevance to the current stories? Someone gets resurrected?

    Oh... and When Fangirls Attack? Fanboys On The Run.

  5. Dean -- That's okay, I missed just about everyone.

    Chris -- I didn't! I spent the whole time with my sister, Kali, and Kali's roomate.

    Kevin -- :)

    Denis -- Not just anyone, Denis. Katma.

  6. Katma Tui? But that's great!

    Hold on: Wasn't Mosaic, like, a few years ago? How come it hasn't been referred to yet in any of the new series?

    Oh wait! This is why we're all getting excited about it!

    Sorry. Slow of mind.

    Do you think - only if it's not too much trouble - you could give me a link where I could read up on the background to all this? I know I could google it, but I would value your recommendation, since you're the expert.

  7. Ok, being from Joliet, having worked in Chicago, having family in the MO Springfield and lived in Tulsa, call me next time you decide to head North. I'll help you get around

  8. Ah Lexx. Like Star Trek without the liberal sensitivities.