Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lost in WizardWorld, No Cyberspace in Sight

Well, I made it to WizardWorld Chicago, without my power cord for my laptop. This is why I haven't posted since Monday. I'm borrowing Kalinara's laptop (the keyboard sticks) right no. Yesterdy, we were too busy at the con to check. We got Geoff Johns' autograph. I have to go back with a copy of Green Lantern, but we got a picture of all four (myself, Kalinara, my sister, an Kali's roommate) of us with him. We know Ron Marz is scheduled to be there and I fully intend to find him and get his autograph and picture.

Yesterday, we were wandering the con in blue polo shirts with "When Fangirls Attack" and the url on our chests (Those weren't ringers, as someone asked my sister). Last night, I did laundry so we'll be wearing them again. We sat in the front of the DC Nation panel and annoyed the staff (Dan Didio called on me and my older sister at once), and we have the same plans for today.

Looked for the folks, didn't see anyone. Kim saw a few of their flyers left at Peter David's booth, much to the writer's apparent confusion.

My sleeping schedule is all messed up, I'm awake while the sun is out.

And last night I saw a note attached to my windshield. It was from a guy I met while waiting on AAA to change my flat tire. He left me his phone number and had postscript telling me he thought I was cute. He saw me for five minutes on Wednesday, before any other conventioneers came in!

In other news, my sister turned twenty-nine today so I must find her a present.

See you all when I get back!


  1. That was me who left the flyers at his booth. :)

    We also gave one to Greg Land!!

    I looked for you, but didn't see you, sadness. Course, you wouldn't have recognized me, because you don't know what I look like, but I'm so happy to know that some one in your group came across at least one of the flyers.

  2. Why does Peter David being confused not surprise me?

  3. I like Peter David just fine as a writer, but doesn't shock me at all either.



  4. You washed the shirts? After you wore them only one day?

    Shee. Women. :)

  5. Off topic.

    Ragnell, if you want to see a comic where Major Force gets beaten by a woman, try Suicide Squad #28. It's part of the whole Janus directive crossover, but I really doubt that's the part you'll find interesting.

  6. Her laptop is a mess, isn't it?

    I wish I was there...

  7. I'm not sure if you'll find this worth a Monday post or not, but it sure got my attention:

    "So how long until Storm cheats on Black Panther?

    Love her or hate her Ororo's always been a little...promiscuous.

    Will she maintain her many affairs? Will T'Challa mind. I could see him sitting in a corner while she and Yukio go at it..."


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  9. Her laptop is a mess, isn't it?

    Hey, this one works great! (It's not the one you remember.) It's just that the keyboard sticks and Ragnell doesn't know how to compensate. :-)

  10. Was wondering what the fangirls attacking thing was. Y'all moved too fast down the artist alley for me to flag you down and ask.

  11. You washed the shirts? After you wore them only one day?

    Ummm... Trust us women on the washing of the shirts thing.

  12. Gosh darn it. I thought about talking to the "When Fangirls Attack" girls on one of the several occasions I ran into them, but I figured they probably would have no idea who I was, and vice versa.

    Way to not wear a "Ragnell" name tag :).

    At any rate, it would have been cool to talk in person, but I'll settle for the near-collision by the DC Direct booth and seeing Didio and Giffen ask you "what happens" twice.

    I have minor presents for you and Kali, assuming the pictures come out. Check the Fortress for further posting :).

  13. At any rate, it would have been cool to talk in person, but I'll settle for the near-collision by the DC Direct booth and seeing Didio and Giffen ask you "what happens" twice.

    Oh man, both times it was me he asked and I am so scared of public speaking I froze! That's why I didn't wear a nametag, I was terrified someone from here would stop me and expect me to make some weird speech (my sister had to talk me into the shirts).

    Either way, my sister was the blonde with the white headband (who asked about the Flash), Kalinara had the short hair (she didn't ask any questions, but she answered him at the DC Nation panel) and I was the one with the frizzy brown wall of hair who asked a GL question at each panel.