Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wow, look what I missed...

I was at the DCU Panel and was generally very satisfied with their responses, but I've found out something very interesting since coming home.

From Newsarama:
Static or other Milestone characters? Levitz: "We keep talking about it. Nothing's come together yet. Dwayne McDuffie has been talking to Dan about bringing him into the DCU. But Dwayne's had some health issues."
I saw the above question. When I mentioned it in a conversation with West I was promptly shown this (he found it here):
Two things: Not that it's any of Wizardworld Chicago's business, but I didn't have surgery until May of this year. Eight weeks later, my doctors told me I could go back to work. Since then, I've written two comic books for Marvel, a series bible and development work for a new cartoon at Nickelodeon and sold a new animated series to BET. If Paul actually did imply that my illness interfered with ongoing negotiations, he has been misinformed.

It's been over three years since anyone from from DC Comics has spoken to me about using Static in the DCU. Dan DiDio and I had a single, preliminary discussion. I heard nothing else from DC until I was called on the phone a few weeks later by someone introducing herself as "the editor of Static Shock." I informed her that this seemed premature, as no agreement had been made between DC and Milestone. Since that call, I've heard nothing further on the matter from Dan or anyone else at DCU.
Looks like Paul Levitz has a little bit of explaining to do.


  1. This is turning into a bit of a jerk-around, isn't it?

    Still, I'm glad they're at least talking about it again. At the very least maybe we'll get a few new tpb collections out of it.

  2. As I said, yesterday, whether this is a misunderstanding or a deliberate bit o' back-handedness, I'd like to see it aired-out and resolved.

    As far as Milestone stuff, I'm not excited about the prospect of new stuff, because I dunno who'd be doing what (though there's great potential here). Mostly, I'd like to see the existing stuff in collected volumes.

    If they decide to do more, that'd be cool, too. Bringing Static into the DC Universe could be kinda tricky, depending on how they go about it.

    If anything, I'd wanna see him displaced (although the softie in me would hate to see him separated from his peoples), so there'd be this existing tether between the DC- and Milestone-verses.

  3. If they could collect at least the first couple years of Static in trade paperback, I'd be extremely happy. I wouldn't mind seeing Icon collected, either - I never read it, but I've heard so many good things about it that I'd like to give it a shot.

  4. I had heard that Wildstorm was actually in negotiations to bring back Milestone characters, but I'd be equally as excited if it were DC. It would make more sense that way. But, I'd like to see them make the city of Dakota a part of the DCU rather than in an alternate dimension as it was when the books first came out. At the same time, I hope that DC doesn't screw over Dwayne McDuffie in the process. It sounds a little dubious to already have somebody selected as an editor for "Static Shock."