Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Steve Trevor -- In Uniform

I can see where you're coming from here, Diana. He never listens, you're not planning on marriage and he's unfit for the institution himself... But he's so damned cute, fun and charming you can't bring yourself to just blow him off.

And he gets the pilot's hat instead of the fast-food worker hat. That's a major plus.


  1. You have to give him something for persistance.

    And what is it about silver age heroes and their inability to commit? Hal Jordon creates a giant rampaging monster that devastates half the city in order to distract Carol from asking him to marry him.

    Diana goes with this vague "Not until I am no longer needed" having been badly caught out with her originally far too specific "not until the war is over".

    Admittedly Superman always says no to Lois, but he knows she's just going to see that as a challenge. When she actually does go after another man he goes all pouty and tries to find a way to break them up.

  2. Because superheroes were not just written for 10 year olds, they were also written as having 10 year old mentalities?

    I mean, Superman's whole relationship with Lois seems predicated on the fact that, intellectually, he knows that he will marry someone, someday, but seems convinced that Lois has cooties.

  3. Wasn't her other, unspoken problem with Steve that he didn't appreciate her as Diana Prince? That makes for the classic superhero-lover-secret ID love triangle. I remember reading recaps of silver age stories where Steve tried to recruit Diana to help him convince WW to marry him and she'd get upset that he wasn't interested in marrying Diana?

    Semi-related tangent, I always thought it was too bad that The Man of Steel turned Clark Kent into a sucessful stud. Taking inspiration from John Hughes films, the Clark-Lois-Superman triangle could've been "Clark's such a nice guy, but there's just no sparks." while the audience knows that Clark is only "ugly until the eventual makeover scene".

  4. but seems convinced that Lois has cooties.

    Well, in Superman's defense, Silver Age Lois had cooties in the brain! The woman was insane! When your girlfriend/stalker steals some props from a movie set and pretends she is from Krypton just to trick you into telling her your secret identity, then maybe it's time for a shrink.

    Mind you, Silver Age Superman is not exactly the paragon of sanity. I just got the first Superman showcase book and the Jimmy Olsen one, and it is amazing how many Silver Age Superman stories are about Superman screwing with his friend's heads, or his friends screwing with his mind.

  5. Hmm.. this doesn't increase my desire for a Diana/Steve pairing at all.

    I thought it would be obvious to all now that Kyle Rainer is the perfect man for Wonder Woman. Why am I the only one to see this?

    ~ Anon, a moose

  6. Puh-leeze! Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman are the perfect pair.

  7. I agree. Batman and WW would make an excellent couple.

  8. Maybe Wonder Woman should just go poly. That way, everyone's happy, it'll have a bit of exotic flavor, and people can say something like, "When she juggles five guys, she actually juggles five guys!" Good fun.

  9. You have a point, Sandicomm. I mean, I was reading Batman and Robin All-Star the other day and thinking, “This guy would be perfect for Wonder Woman. He’s got a warm personality and he’s great with children.” ;)

    ~Anon, a moose.

  10. "I told you and told you! I'll marry you when there's no more evil in the world!"

    "But... that doesn't sound likely to... EVER happen!"

    "Dummy who can't take a hint says what?"


  11. But, moose, aren't all of those qualities you'd want in a mate? (lol)

  12. It’s true. I’ve often dreamed of marrying an obsessive millionaire who lives only to bring sanity to the world. I can only hope that Frank Miller writes our marriage.

    Imagine my surprise when I learn I spent five years of my life selling myself on the street.

  13. Steve kills Wonder Woman and shoots himself. Then their ghosts get married and live happily ever after. The end.


    Steve goes onto become the first democratically elected president of the world where he forms a perfect society that abolishes all crime, injustice, disease, and hunger. Wonder Woman's response? "Crap! I really thought it would never happen. I just wanted him off my back."

  14. I think #2 would be more likely.

    I betcha he could do it, all by dumb luck. While she's away on a JLA mission.