Saturday, July 08, 2006

Green Lantern Mystery

Kevin Church, Writer, Editor, Photographer, Smut-Merchant, Muckracker, Interviewer, Perpetrator of Far Too Many Trangressions to Mention in a Month of Mondays, Cruel Taskmaster, Carrier of the Handbasket to Hell, Joker, Smoker, Midnight Toker, and All-Around Fun Guy sent me a present this week.

And it has me worried that my memory is going.

You see, I know the Green Lanterns very well. I can usually easily distinguish them, and tell you the differences, and tell you when a story is off or a personality doesn't work. I have a very clear picture in my head of all of the human Green Lanterns. If I had talent, I could draw them myself. But Kevin managed to stump me.

Kevin found a picture, somewhere on the Internet, of a Green Lantern I can't place.

He looks very familiar, though, and the most distinguishing features are prominently displayed. I should have no trouble identifying the superhero in question but I can't. I've racked my brain over it, I've looked at my records, my back issues, my archives, my private... art collection, and studied each lantern closely. I can't make a match.

But dammit, he looks so familiar, I just can't place him. Please, help me out.

Can you recognize this Green Lantern?


  1. Oh, that's Hal; his butt has a characteristic arch.

  2. But nothing yellow is hitting him on the head!

  3. Definitely, Hal. He's always had a bubble butt. Kyle's is much flatter. I think the calves are also dead giveaway. :-)

  4. Scipio -- You're right, it must be shiny material that threw me. Hal normally gets a slightly darker green that makes his curves more distinctive.

    YOS -- Well, we haven't seen the next picture, and he is standing very close to hair-trigger-tempered Hawkgirl.

    Anon -- *Nod* Kyle's isn't quite as flat as John's though.

    Evan -- I think he went overboard with the mousse. Have to keep a perfect coiffe, y'know. Can't be like Kyle's and flying all over the place.

  5. That's not a hair net. That is the string that is attached to the mask.

    It's a shame theough when Hal has a better ass than Wonder Woman

  6. Oh no, look closely, I think those are cornrows--it's John Stewart going "street"

  7. He's awfully pale and fair-haired to be John, isn't he?

    That's what threw me. This guy is a blond. Hal's the only one close to a blonde, and even he has browner hair.