Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Misogyny

The Damned Depressing List linked at Newsarama.

The reaction?
Which list does "my childhood" go in?


  1. I like how the implication is that it's our fault. :-) We didn't *write* these comic books after all.

  2. Not to rat anyone out, but I'm worried that the same sort of reaction is happening over at ComicBloc's thread on Women and Comics.

    It's the response to Sue Dibny. She had to be raped, because that was the only crime reprehensible enough to get the Justice League to mindwipe people. And the reason we never see her deal with rape and it becomes a plot point never mentioned beyond #2 is because she's a minor character and it "makes more sense" to dedicate more time to Batman's problems. And Dr. Light is just as much of a plot point as Sue. And because it wasn't the "main point" of the story, and Meltzer just wanted to focus on the male characters instead of the women, and that's OK, apparently.

    It's not just me that sees something wrong with this logic, is it?

  3. what the hell? isn't there SOMETHING better to do with your time?

  4. what the hell? isn't there SOMETHING better to do with your time?

    Us or them? Because if you mean us, then no. No, there isn't.

    Wait until you see the final product. ;-)

  5. Keep up the good work, Ragnell and Kalinara. You're making the right kind of people upset.