Thursday, June 29, 2006

Damned List A Side Progress Report

If you thought we'd dropped this, you haven't been reading long enough. We're still compiling a list of all characters at DC and Marvel superhero Comics that have been sexually assaulted. The whole story's here, and here. The last updates are here and here.

Once again, this is just a preliminary list. The Clear list is just to jumpstart your memories.

We have a host being set up, and we plan on visually verifying everything on this list. This project is far from over.

But here's a progress report on the women. Please peruse, correct, and add as necessary in the comments. Then head over to Kalinara for the men.

Our List So Far

Secret (YJ#7)
Diana/Wonder Woman (WW#10)
Diana/Wonder Woman (WW#51)
Jenny Hayden/Jade (GL#109)
Shining Knight (SK#4)
Spoiler (Robin #111)
Hawkgirl (Hawkman, ish # needed)
Storm (forced marriage, X-treme X-men 11-16)
Kitty Pryde (Forced marriage, Uncanny X-men 179)
Lara of Krypton (false pretenses, forced marriage; World of Krypton trade)

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (SM/BC mini)
Elektra (Elektra: Assassin #1)
Grace Choi (Outsiders #17)
Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (Ref Needed -- Perpetrator was the Purple Man)
Mia Dearden/Speedy II (GA #42)
Crazy Jane (DP)
Swift/Shen-Li Min (The Authority #27)
Engineer/Angela Spica (The Authority #27)
Rogue (Ref Needed)
Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel (Avengers#200)
Abby (Ref Needed)
Red Sonja (Kull and the Barbarians #3)
Emma Frost (Ref Needed)
Big Barda (Action Comics #592-593)
Cora (Atlantis Chronicles)
Mirage (NTT -- Need ish #)
Calliope (Sandman)
Catwoman (Her Sister's Keeper)
Queen Hippolyta (WW#1)
Atlanna (Incest, Atlantis Chronicles)
Sue Dibny (IDC #3)
Helen Bertinelli/Huntress (Huntress miniseries ??)
Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (SH#7)
Engineer/Angela Spica (The Authority #21)
She-Hulk (Sens. She-Hulk ish # needed)
Kate Bishop (YA Special #1)
Katherine Anne Summers (Uncanny X-Men 156-157)
Saturn Girl (false pretense, forced marriage, ref needed)
Sally Sonic (Statuatory, Bulleteer #4)
Spoiler (Statutory, ref needed)
Terra (Statutory, New Teen Titans v1, issue 39, page 11)
Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl (Statutory, TT Annual #1 -- Age?)
Dazzler (False pretenses, Longshot's luck power, ref needed)
Marrow (Weapon X: The Draft)

Lian Harper (Outsiders #19)
Dinah Lance/Black Canary II (GA: The Longbow Hunters)
Arisia (Warrior #42)
Elektra (Daredevil #181)
Dream Girl (Universo Project)
Phantom Lady (IC#1)
Alicia (Fantastic Four #255)
Cobweb (TS#1)
Barbara Gordon (The Killing Joke)
Starfire (Ref needed)
Debbie Darnell/Star Sapphire (JLA #115)
Salamandra (Fantastic Four #515)
Supergirl/Kara Zor-El (Incest, SupergirlV5#5)

Arisia (GLC #213)
Susan Richards/Invisible Woman (FF Annual #23)
Susan Richards/Invisible Woman (FF 278)
Jessica Jones (Alias 25)
Dinah Lance/Black Canary II (GA/GL #76)
Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (JLI#30)
Rachel Summers (Mind control, Ref Needed)
Power Girl (Zero Hour buildup -- Ref Needed)
Donna Troy (WW #136)
Oracle/Barbara Gordon (BoP #85)
Imra/Saturn Girl (Mind control, Ref Needed)
Donna Troy (RoDT)
Catwoman (CW#50)
Debbie Darnell/Star Sapphire (IDC/JLA-SSoSV Ref Needed)
Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire (Pretty much all of Vol 2 GL)
Dawnstar (Forced transformation, Ref Needed)
Zinda Blake (Mind control, Ref Needed)
Kitty Pryde (Mind cotnrol, Ref Needed)
Dr Light II/Kimiyo Hoshi (GA #57)
Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix Saga)
Diana/Wonder Woman (WW#160)
Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Mind control, ref needed)
Supergirl II/Cir-El (Forced transformation, ref needed)

Martika (GG: Warrior)
Tarantula (Nightwing)
The Mist (Starman #16)
Psylocke (X-Men, ish # needed)
Circe (Wonder Woman)

Mentioned, but even circumstances still unknown -- Sharon Ventura

Clear List:
Lois Lane
Ma Hunkel/Red Tornado
Maggie Sawyer
Renee Montoya
Hope O'Dare
Cassandra Cain
Sandra Woosan/Lady Shiva
Katma Tui
Black Widow


  1. should Power Girl be on the symbolic list? It's true she wasn't even aware of it happening, but the pregnancy that resulted was extremely physical.

    Pinning down specific issues for some of these is tricky. You give GA #57 for Kimiyo Hoshi. That was the issue where Dr. Light describes the assault as symbolic rape, but it actually took place in GA #54.

    We are told about Cir-El's history in Superman #200

  2. The other day I found all ten issues of Vertigo's The Witching, and I think you can add all three witches into the list under attempted rape. The bad guy of the series was a crazy general /Satan cult member who had to defile the three witches to gain superpowers.

    There are specific issues where this is mentioned, and also a completely unrelated rape attempt in an early issue. I would need to check the series again if you need the numbers.

  3. When teenaged Xi’an Coy Manh/Karma of the New Mutants fled South Vietnam the men of her group were killed and the women were raped (her mother died after being raped). I've only heard about that though, not read the actual story, so I can't be absolutely certain that Karma was one of the victims. (Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #100)

    -KarenK (great blog, by the way)

  4. I remember hearing that somewhere in post-Zero Hour rebooted LSH, Saturn Girl used her mental powers to make Cosmic Boy fall in love with her, and at one point they were engaged. I'm not 100% sure of the circumstances - you'd need someone better versed in that version of the Legion than I am - but that might qualify her for the perpetrator list.

  5. I'll get you a scan of X-Men and Micronauts where Kitty is mentally controlled. It's kinda creepy for the era.

  6. One more Ororo example: In UXM 169, when Storm is leading a team to rescue Angel from a kidnapping/rape attempt she refers to an attempt made on her when she was a child: "No, lust, Storm silently corrects him. She remembers. She was twelve when a man looked at her like that and she had to flee." (This is from the site, in thier summary of UXM issue 169.) The page also has in a notation at the bottom, "Storm’s claim that she had to flee from her would-be-rapist as a twelve-year-old stands in contradiction to Uncanny X-Men #150 & 267 where it was revealed that she had fought and killed the man (resulting in her vow to never take another life)" Presumably more reference to the incident can be found in UXM 150 & UXM 267.


  7. bill: I'm trying to cover all the Legion stuff, and I definitely have that incident. Saturn Girl belongs on the perpetrator list for lots of things.

  8. Anon is right; Karma was raped.

    I'm totally unfamiliar with the New Mutants or X-Men lore in general, so I don't know if this comes up again, but I just read the first tp collection of New Mutants, and in the very first issue this is referenced. Psyche accidentally unleashes Karma's worst fears/memories for all the team to see, and her and her mother's rapes are what come up.

    Great work you're doing here, btw, Ragnell. As a reader who only recently got into comics, this is frightening.

    P.S. You may want to put Harley Quinn on the list too, at least as symbolic. I've read enough stuff with her in it (her short-lived ongoing) to know that most writers present her origin story as the Joker psychologically manipulating her into going crazy and freeing him (she was already unstable due to the recent death of her longtime boyfriend). And she was definitely used as a sexual object by the Joker, so that counts, right?

  9. I'm not sure about Harley. It depends a lot on where you draw the line. Harley is shown as being physically abused by the Joker, but as far as I am aware there's never been the suggestion of a sexual element.

    And it's true he seduced her in the first place, but do you really want to include every instance of where someone is seduced and does something bad as a result?

    And it's not like she has ever regretted it or chose a different path once she was free of his influence. Harley revels in being a super villain. It's one of the things I like about her.

  10. Sue was IDC #2, not #3.

    The She-Hulk/Starfox incident is still up in the air, IMO- it's never explicitly confirmed that he was using his power on her, and Starfox's trial is scheduled for issue #12.

  11. Marionette, I'm just pointing out that the Joker was psychologically manipulative, and Harleen was not a mentally stable person, so something beyond mere seduction may be the cause of their relationship--the exact nature of which we might disagree on (Isn't she always called "The Joker's Girlfriend"? When it's two adults, there tends to be a sexual part to a longterm boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, assuming no pro-abstinance religious beliefs, and I think we can here...).

    It's tenuous at best, I know; that's why I suggested it be "symbolic." Also, I don't know if this is the main source you're using for your idea of the relationship, but the ongoing Harley Quinn series painted a picture of a much, much saner Harley than her other appearances, so the amount of (implied) blame alotted to her may vary according to the writer.

    But I like her character too. A lot, actually. :)

  12. Kalinara has Bigby Wolf of "Fables" on the other list, under "actual", so it would only make sense to put Snow White on this one, under "actual", as they were both under a spell when it happened.

  13. Katie, I think we are essentially on the same side. I was a big fan of Harley's series while Karl Kesel was writing it and dropped it after an issue of the clod that followed, so I can only speak from that. Kesel depicted her as relatively sane if capricious, but every so often she'd lose it totally, which was masterfully depicted by the way the art went all cartoony to give you Harleyvision (TM).

    Most extreme, and emotionally heartbreaking, example was when she kills her most loyal lieutenant and he forgives her because he understands that in her head she didn't really think she was doing him any harm.

    But back to the point, yes I think it's evident that Harley and the Joker had a sexual relationship, but there has never (to my knowledge) been any suggestion that it wasn't entirely consensual (which I realise is shaky ground to argue from when both parties are insane). But sanity is not an either/or situation either, and possibly not something to get into here.

    I think it would be viable to argue from her subsequent behaviour that Joker brought out her real character that she had been surpressing until that point.

    I don't believe Harley counts as sexually abused, even symbolically. I mean even looking at it from a power viewpoint (which is what a lot of sexual abuse is about) Joker is never able to successflly dominate her. but she is about as close to the line as you can get without stepping over, so I can understand if someone else might see it differently.

  14. Here's a fairly obscure one, that I was reminded of while reading the recent "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" listing for Benny Beckley:

    Rosemary Beckley, sister of the super-hero Comet Man, was in a sexual relationship with a man she knew as "Jonathan Gallagher"...but he was actually her long-lost older brother, who had seduced her as part of a vendetta against his whole family. (Long story short: He had been born out of wedlock while his father was overseas in combat; she kept the pregnancy a secret and gave him up for adoption, so he blamed them for denying him his birthright.)

    Between the false pretenses and the incest, I found this one of the ickiest situations I'd seen in a mainstream super-hero book at that time.

    This "Comet Man" story ran in Marvel Comics Presents #50-53.

  15. Harley's an interesting case.

    I mean, one could argue that if sex is mostly mental, then a sexual assault can be a mostly mental assault by the same token (realizing that I'm leaving out any discussion of telepaths or any puns on the term "mind-fuck"). so sure... Joker's seducing Harley into the dark side COULD have been taken as a sort of rape.

    In "Mad Love",both the animated adapation and the comic, Joker was certainly physically abusive toward Harley and he certainly put her through mental abuse... but I don't think there was ever any indication that he had raped her in any fashion. Heck, apart from the "rev up your Harley" routine (which I still can't believe they snuck past Kids WB) there was never an overt suggestion of any sex in the relationship.

    Funny. I thought the ancient "did he or didn't he" question involving Barbara Gordon and Joker in "The Killing Joke" would have come up before this...

  16. For the Rgoue incident in Genosha:
    Uncanny Xmen 236(1988)

    Rogue and Wolvie wer teleported to Genosha, naked, then zapped and lost their powers and then captured.

    I don't have a scanner, but the caption texts go:

    All they did was touch her. Rude hands, ruder glances--taunting promies of things to come.

    She couldn't stop them.

    For so long she dreamed of being able to touch another person without her power absorbing his/her psyche.

    To hold, to kiss, just like any other -- normal -- teenage girl.

    In those dreams it was the most beautful of moments.

    She never imagined being handled against her will.

    Small wonder then, her response is to withdrawl as deeply into her mind as it's possible to go... the lowest depths of her primal conscious.

    The next scene is rogue in her own mind, where she allows Carol Danvers(Ms Marvel) to take over.

    The scene after two gaurds, one male, one female come into Rogue's cell for some payback for stealing their minds in the fight before she was depowered.

    By this time Rogue's body is dressed in a full body suit(a real ugly one with too many colors in alot of patterns) while Carol Danvers is in the drivers seat. The guard said the Genegineer (head bad guy) didn't want Rogue touched, but they don't care, they want to "get even".

    The Carol Danvers controlled body of Rogue then proceeds to kick guard ass, rescue Wolvie(in bad shape with no healing factor) and carry him to escape.

  17. One more thing about the Rgoue incident I missed.

    There is an earlier panel where one guard, reporting to his boss about a catatonic Rogue, says:
    "I'm afraid some of my officers tooks a few.. liberties when she was being processed. What they thought was fun, she evidently felt was something else"

    I can easily see where someone would infer a gangrape from such a vague statement and Rgoue's catatonic condition(ms marvel hadn't taken over yet). It's what I remember thinking when I first read through the issue myself. But the later captions, from the narrator's omniscent pov, do not support it.

  18. Anonymous -- I've seen panel with "liberties" and I'll put the other panel with the narrative as a reference note, and track that one down too.

    But as far as I'm concerned, groping someone while they're naked is a form of sexual assault even if penetration never occurs. Hence the catergorization of Part one is Rape/Sexual Assault and not simply "Rape."

  19. Oh, and for harley Quinn -- Does anyone know if the issue of her series where her origin was told as her going insane before she met the Joker is still in continuity?

  20. If you give me a title and number I'll look it up. I just checked her first comics in DCU continuity Batman: Harley Quinn and Batman #570, both of which give her origin.

    both comics are possibly unreliable since the early parts are narrated by Harley herself, but she comes across as misguided rather than insane. She has a crush on Joker, who uses this to his advantage. Subsequently they have a good relationship until Joker decides he doesn't like caring about someone and attempts to blow her up.

  21. More checking. Harley Quinn #5 and 8 give more unbiased flashbacks to her life leading up to her first meeting the Joker and she is clearly fascinated by him long before she meets him. She is also shown as ruthless and manipulative.

    #5 shows a recording of their first interview in which the Joker, initially uncooperative eventually asks if she is flirting with him.

    As for insane, that depends on your definition, but if she was seduced by the Joker it was entirely consensual (according to this version).

  22. Point of order.

    I think Dinah Lance should be moved from Implied/Subtextual to Symbolic for GA: Longbow Hunters.

    I actually spoke with Mike Grell about this point through e-mail and he told me that he never meant to suggest that Dinah was raped. Tortured, yes. Degraded, yes. But the man doing this was a sadist who was more interested in cutting her than in sex.

    I agree the subtext DOES look suspicious, but I believe Mike Grell can be taken at his word here.

  23. I agree the subtext DOES look suspicious, but I believe Mike Grell can be taken at his word here.

    Actually the point of the subtextual column has to do with reader interpretations. A lot of people read the story and believed she was raped. (clothes, position, inability to have children). Regardless of authorial intent, the reading is plausible. It contains all the visual clues that, for example, the rape of Apollo in Authority did, which apparently according to the author *was* intended to be read that way. I'm not doubting Grell's word, but the presence of the clues makes for interesting comparative analysis.

    Actually though it also fits in "implied" because of other factors. There is a sexual threat uttered by the villain, a "you guys wanna piece of that before we mess up her face" kind of thing. (We also have a section for very sexualized torture. Regardless of whether rape actually happened, because of the subtextual sexual elements, these are considered to apply)

    This is why the full-on list will be more helpful, because it will have the categories/criteria more cleanly delineated.

    Ragnell: I was thinking, for the full list, we may want to change statuatory to just "underage consentual sexual encounters". Then there's less debate about what goes there. Maturity doesn't end up an issue as much and it'll be easier to use for analysis.

  24. I was recently rereading Marvel's INFINITY WAR trade paperback (by Starlin and Lim) and I was struck by a scene in WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH #9. While nothing was explicitly stated, Starlin makes it pretty clear that Gamora, the deadliest woman in the universe, is (in classic retcon-rape-as-motivation flashback style) raped and tortured as a teenager.

    I can't say for sure that I'm not reading too much into the scene, but I think it qualifies.

  25. I've mentioned this before, just because I like Psylocke, but you have her as a perpetrator. I know she TRIED to seduce Cyclops (I assume that's the time you're talking about), but as far as I remember, she never succeeded. I'm sure my memory isn't as good as it should be, but does attempted seduction of a married man (who makes little effort to resist for a time) count? Is it just because she's a telepath? You might as well put Jean Grey on the perpetrator list because she could have easily used her telepathy to make Scott love her in the first place. Again, I'll have to check on the issues, but that's a bit of a stretch. And yes, it's just because I like Psylocke.

    Speaking of X-Men, you mention that you need a ref on Dazzler. I have to call foul on this one too. We never really get a clear signal whether Longshot is using his "luck" power with Dazzler (and it doesn't seem like it works that way anyway), and Longshot was always established as being a bit naive, so I don't think he wouldn't even consider it. That's just my opinion, of course.

  26. There have been two separate incidents when Mary Jane Watson-Parker was kidnapped by a stalker. The first one (Amazing Spider-Man #307-309 with various follow-ups later on) - Jonathan Caesar, the Parkers' landlord - attempted to force her into marriage. The second, who I believe was unnamed, faked MJ's death, kept her locked up in a small room for six months, and tried to kill Peter Parker and take over his life (presumably his sex life as well). MJ "dies in an airplane crash" in ASM volume 2 #13 and returns in #28. I would hedge the second a little because it was a retcon of MJ's death after fan backlash, except that in doing so the Spider-Man team used not just a ridiculously overused plot device, but one that had been done before with the exact same character!

  27. Kali -- *Nods*

    Greg -- Once again, preliminary list. We're hunting down the issue with her and Cyclops right now. Kali remembered an actual, but even if she just attempted to seduce Scott using her powers -- that makes her a perpetrator. An unsuccessful one, but one nonetheless.

    Tinderblast -- Eek

  28. What about Janissa in Conan #12 (1A). Shocking, and IIRC brought in a few unhappy reader letters.

  29. What an interesting, if troubling, project. Good on you.

    Some suggestions:

    Attempted: Barbara Gordon. In the 'Madness' chapter in Loeb and Sale's 'Batman: Haunted Knight', young Barbara runs away and some Halloween themed thugs attempt to sexually assault her. She's 'rescued' by, over all people, the Mad Hatter, who dresses her up and keeps her (and other young runaways) at 'some sort of... insane tea party. Keeps them sedated--making them drink drugged tea.' (The Mad Hatter's a seriously creepy character . See also 'Robin: Year One' and the Gotham Central 'Unresolved' arc.)

    Implied: Jean Loring. In Identity Crisis no 7, after Jean is confined to Arkham, a newspaper headline appears to read 'Atom's wife tortured by inmates.' (Apologies if I'm stating the obvious here - sounds like the sort of thing you must have discussed, but I don't see her on the list.)


  30. Re: Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman

    The incident with Purple Man took place in New Thunderbolts #12. We see Jessica draped across his lap, naked, then Kilgrave strokes her hair and says, "I'd prefer if Jessica continued to comfort me in these trying times... your pheromones and my pheromones, making beautiful music..." He also asks her if he's told her "about another Jessica I know", a reference to Jessica Jones of Alias.

    So we don't see any sexual assault, but it's implied, and Spider-Woman's behavior was definitely coerced.

  31. Don't forget Lady Lotus and her daughter Nia. As revealed in the New Invaders series, Lotus was raped by Meranno and became pregnant with Nia. Meranno also makes a reference to "my daughter's kisses were always sweet", alluding that he sexually abused Nia herself. He also raped an unnamed Eskimo woman during the same series.

  32. Wait.

    How does Wonder Girl go on this list?

  33. I'm not sure if this qualifies, but here's a few pages from JLA v1 #145:

    I'm not sure if this would be considered "attempted forced marriage" (or "attempted living in sin," I guess), but it seems pretty clear that she felt extremely violated. *shrugs*

  34. Talia should probably go on the Perpetrators list as of Batman 656, for a plot she and her Father enacted that involved drugging batman then using him to unwillingly impregnate Talia (this appearantly being the retcon version of the 'Son of the Daemon' book)

  35. Spent the weekend reading old school Avengers and came up with three more in rapid succession, which was really depressing. Kalinara said to leave 'em in the comments here.


    Ms Marvel - mind-controlled, raped and forcibly impregnated by Marcus Immortus (Avengers v. 1, #200)

    Mockingbird - drugged by the Night Rider to lose her memories and believe she was his lover. Lived with him for some time. (West Coast Avengers #19)


    Tigra - stalked, kidnapped and kept on a leash by Graviton, who tried to take advantage of her out-of-control cat nature to seduce her - a weakness he was aware of because he had been stalking her. (West Coast Avengers #13)

  36. woo this is a long post! i don't know if this is the most recent one, but I've some additions to make.

    -Dagger is implied to be at least sexually assaulted the the Cloak impersonator in Runaways 9 &10.

    two oddly similar events:

    -the Anti-Vision (an alternate, evil version of the Vision who has switched bodies with the 616 Vision) attempts to rape Crystal in avengers #361

    - "Lightning Squad" Nightcrawler (an alternate, Nazi version of the 616 hero) Attempts to rape Meggan in Excalibur #9

    It's interesting to compare these two: both feature an alternate version of a teammate who can pass through walls (by phasing and teleportation, respectively) replacing the "real thing" and attempting to rape a colleague while they slept -- but this is getting a little off topic.

    Also a number of "mind control" villians used their mojo to marry and/or father children who became main characters in the marvel U (even if the mothers themselves didn't) Purple girl is the daughter of Purple man, Wallflower (of the new mutants)'s mother was in thrall of her father, whose pheromone powers she inherited. Mastermind fathered two "lady masterminds" by different mothers, although I'm not sure of the circumstances, it's quite probable it was at least under false pretense, as mastermind uses a handsome illusion of himself to seduce women all the time.

    Speaking of mastermind, It's strongly implied that he and toad both tried to rape or sexually assault the scarlet witch during her time with the brotherhood of evil mutants. It also appears that Magneto may have abused her sexually during that time too (made more disturbing by the fact that he's actually her father)
    this is most apparent in a page i have here
    although i can't remember the actual issue that's in (a 90s avengers issue).
    Magneto also tries to use her to seduce Namor so he will join their cause way back in Uncanny X-men 6

    Also, the She-hulk/Starfox thing is wrapped up later in the series, he hesitates when she asked him if he used his love powers on her because he had "zapped" her and her boyfriend to stop their "lover's spat" (which awesome Andy then continued, causing their marriage). He emphatically denies that he used his power on her when they slept together, saying that it was only his "natural charms" he used. He is, however, apparently a serial rapist of many women, although he did not realize he was doing it, due to brain damage given to him by his brother, thanos.

    I have to argue against saying that the Longshot's powers had something to do with his relationship with Dazzler, because they just don't work like that. His luck serves him more along the lines of his enemies misstepping on a loose floorboard or a tree branch bending so he can catch it while falling. So while they may have helped him look more suave in front of Dazzler, they definitely didn't control her in any way. Theirs is very clearly a consensual relationship

    I'd also say that the "forced marriage" issue with kitty is quite far from attempted rape even... Caliban quite clearly wasn't intending to rape his "prettykitty", but getting her to marry him was the only way he could think of to force her to stay with the morlocks -- which is disturbing in it's own right, but I'd say it's very far from rape. probably shouldn't remove it from the list, but I'd say it at least warrants a note on the tone of the marriage.

    eep that's a long response!

  37. At the end of the "symbolic" list it has "Supergirl II/Cir-El (Forced transformation, ref needed)." I'm actually doing research on SG for a paper. Has anyone this specific issue # for this instance? Thank you.

  38. There is also libby ( i think her name was Liberty )from Savige Dragon, she was raped by the aliens from mars attack and inpregnated. /Mars Attack Image #4