Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dammit Lois

After seeing Superman Returns, one thought nags at my brain.

Mild Spoilers

Lois Lane, you utter moron, don't you know that when you're in an airplane and the oxygen masks come down you're supposed to put your own mask on before you help others?

I mean, seriously, that air pressure thing affects you getting drunk. Better safe than sorry.

Anyway, even including the laughable aeronautical errors in that scene (which made me laugh), I really enjoyed this movie.

Even Lex's stereotyped girlfriend was a riot.


  1. If that's the only issue you had with this movie, I'm kinda jealous. You must've enjoyed it more than I did... although I did enjoy it.

  2. Lois is a moron because she doesn't remember a piece of information the majority of people don't even know? I'm not certain why she helped the guy as it seems a human can be bashed against the inside of an airplane several times by G-forces and not even suffer bruising. ;)

    I saw it earlier today with my mother. (It's her birthday) I enjoyed it though not as much as the Spider-Men flicks. I think it's interesting that each incarnation has a younger Superman yet this is the first time he's been shown as a father.

    Anon, a moose

  3. West -- That scene grated on me professionally, alobng with a few later plane scenes.

    Anon, a moose -- Well, given that they tell you this at the beginning of the flight... And yeah, the being bashed around was way too much. :)

    I liked it better than the Spiderman stuff, actually. They even had a better John Jameson in James Marsden.

  4. It's only "a piece of information the majority of people don't even know" because the majority of Earth's people have not flown in airplanes. On every commercial airline, at least in the U.S., they tell you. Verbally and with pictures. At the beginning of every flight.