Monday, May 08, 2006

Point of No Return.

Dorian linked to DC's 52 website.

And the first thing I thought, upon seeing this page, was "HEY! Opal City's Sports Team is named the Spectrums!"

If you are a male in his mid-20s with a well-developed ass in the Oklahoma City area and are interested in staying up extremely late to date a somewhat chunky, topheavy, mostly non-sexual brunnette with glasses who reads comic books and knows electronics; I'm terribly sorry we've never had a chance to meet, and I hope you find what you're looking for. You see, It's far too late for me now.

I've become a DC Nun. I think I took my final vows when I enjoyed Infinite Crisis #7.


  1. Don't be silly, the Spectrums were a different sports team than the Gems. Based on the scores, the Gems are a basketball team, and the only way Jack Knight would be caught dead watching basketball is if it was a taped game from thirty years ago featuring Larry Bird's younger and arguably more talented brother. Jack's not the basketball type.

    I also note that it's 3-1 in favor of the fictional cities. Go fictional cities!

  2. We need to start a nunnery. :-) Or a coven. Whichever frightens male geeks more.

  3. Dammit. Here I was excitedly booking my ticket to Oklahoma City when you had to go and ruin it with that last line.

    Woe is me...

  4. I still think it could have done with being spun out a few more issues.
    Also, more OMACs.

  5. Go with a Coven. Much cooler than Nunnery.

    Much less scary and ruler oriented as well.

  6. Speaking as someone with Catholic origins, nuns are WAY more terrifying than witches. People these days are more likely to associate witches with Harry Potter and Charmed. Nuns haven't had that kind of softening.

  7. So what's the male equivalent of a coven, anyway? A warlockastary?

  8. Nuns and Covens are both full of hot delicious chickas.. The nuns use rulers and the witches bite, pick your fetish. *grin*

    Adrian, it's still a coven, warlock means oathbreaker, coven is gender neutral.

  9. Remember that trip Noel and I took to Allentown with the Czech college student and the soon-to-be nun?

  10. Ah, if I were only on the other side of the Atlantic, and you swung the other way...

  11. Spiritglyph -- Hmm.. You don't suppose they are a hockey team, do you? I'm just dying for a fight to breakout between the Shade and the Flash at a Spectrums-Combines game.

    Convent vs. Coven -- Didn't you guys read Jonah Hex? Nuns are definitely scarier. That and well, forming a coven is like getting married to a whole bunch of people. Too much commitment. With Nuns (and I'm counting the Vestal Virgins here), its just being married to one Diety, and if you're careful it's not a demanding one. I think it'd be fun to be a Nun in a Temple of Hermes, for example. Lots of travel, you still get to gamble, and he's never home anyway.

    Disappointed Folks -- I'm irritable and moody anyway, you're not missing out.

    Sin -- Umm.. No?