Friday, May 12, 2006

Mama-Thon -- Mama Reyes

The new Blue Beetle's not off to the best start, but a lot of that has to do with being a teenager. Superhero lives are complex enough without high school and parents to worry about. Especially when your parents are unaware that you're the new Blue Beetle, and you have no convenient excuse like an "Part-time job working for Mr. Wayne" to explain why you spent the night out fighting supervillains and Green Lanterns.
Jaime's Mom
So, Jaime does a little sneaking around. Here we see Jaime, after a long night of Superheroics, after ending up miles out of town and having to hitch a ride back, sneaking in through an open window late at night.

Into his baby sister's room.

Milagro naturally shrieks her head off, and parental help comes running. So here is the point in a story where we see the father rushing through the door with his shotgun, devoted wife clinging to his shoulder nervously, right?

Wrong! Guess who comes running when Milagro cries in this family.

A Mama with a baseball bat. I have to say, she's off to a better start in this series than her son is.

This is only the second issue of Blue Beetle, so there's not much data on Mama Reyes (I didn't even see her first name anywhere), but I already like her. For that, and for her part in the first issue below.

The time of day, the door that mysteriously opens despite Mom's hands being full, the banter, the fighting with the older brother... This could be my family. It even looks like she has the same job as my own mother!


  1. You're right; she's immediately likeable. Admirable, even.

    That's some damn fine art too. I might be forced to check this out.

  2. I liked the first two issues of this comics but why most Jaime(?) face a gang? Really... why most ALL Latino heroes at one point or other face the 'gang thing'? They either escaped from a gang, they joined a gang, they know a gang, or they started a gang. There is always a gang.

    I am calling all my Latin Kings pals, and we are going to have a serious discussion with Mr. Giffen just after we sell all this heroin that just arrived.

  3. Chawunky -- This is the old GL: Mosaic artist, improved in the interim.

    Batiduende -- Maybe street gangs : Latinos :: mafia : Italians?

    I'll tell ya what. You give enough time to contact my crew so we can get a piece a this Giffen guy, and I'll treat you to a nice meal afterwards at Ragnacchio's! *Smacks a kiss to her upper fingers* Best Grilled Portobello Ravioli in town!