Friday, May 12, 2006

Could I get a favor?

Just peeking in for a quick word (I have work in a few minutes), I found an LJ feed for When Fangirls Attack and linked it to the mainsite in case anyone preferred the feed to checking the site. This morning, when I linked it it had four subscribers, now it has fifteen.

I thought it might be useful for my sister and some of our friends back home (since I post here considerably more often) and I checked into how you create a syndicated feed. Well, you need a paid account and I just don't like livejournal that much. If anyone has one already and it doesn't bother them to create a feed for Kim and company, I'd really appreciate it.



  1. I think I have it set up right...

    Here's the feed link:

  2. Thank you!!!! *Showers you with admiration and gratitude!*