Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Can't Look Away

Posting came to a Screeching Halt this week due to my fascination with the workings of flawed logic and my procrastination when it requires me to reread my own post to find out where the miscommunication occurred.

As a result of this morbid combination, I've left my "Adolescent Power Fantasy" thread up for three days, and not added anything to the discussion brewing there. Each day I find a longer list of things to address should I choose to post. I'm putting it off until I've slept again, because as I stated above, it requires me to reread my own wretched writing. Rest assured, reasonable readers, I will set the record straight.

Then regular posting will resume.

In the meantime, please enjoy these other choice selections:
-- Referring back to the below conversation on femininity, Dan asks about masculinity (and compliments me so nicely I'm not sure how to respond).
-- Gordon's Blog Against Sexism Day post which I thought I'd mention here because I can't seem to get comments to work on his blog, and I couldn't fit it under the topics of WFA.
-- Jen risks her independant mind and soul to review FX's Black. White. Episode 1 for us. *Shudder* Reality TV.
-- I agree with Mickle about Disney Princesses. And I thought her grammar lesson added another dimension to Kalinara's complaint.
-- I've been spending a lot of time wandering around Scott's Comics and Medicine archvies. Too much perhaps, because when I read through this old argument on Insensitive Gynecologists and came to a comment that described one lady's incredibly lucky find (after the pregnancy rant, third Doctor described) all I could think of was how much he sounded like Dr. Mid-nite. She didn't outright mention that he was blind, and had a slight Norwegian accent and an owl in the examination room. But still, not too far off.
-- And, if that's not enough, Tuesday saw the Tenth Carnival of Feminists posted for your reading pleasure.

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  1. I'm way too dumb to figure out what you're talking about in the thread you reference, but I enjoyed the links.