Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have to admit, I never saw Darkseid as the terrifying figure Jack Kirby wanted us to. It's probably because I was introduced to him during the Morrison JLA run. That was during his downhill slide. Over a period of perhaps a decade, the Wicked Ruler of Apokolips went from a cosmic-level, plotting, looming threat to Superman's weekly punching bag. And so, once I did get my hands on a Kirby collection, I had sincere difficulty appreciating the majesty and terror of Darkseid.

Today, flipping through a long-abandoned 80 Page Giant, I am reminded of the fear and revulsion that this villain can inspire. I turned the page, and looked in the top lefthand corner of the book. My eyes were under attack! Such intense imagery entered through my sense of sight and invaded my other perceptions. I had to slam the book down, and turn away from this unspeakable fight. My friends, it was awful. This panel will haunt my nightmares until the day I die. I will never be able to see Darkseid as the featured villain without being reminded of these moments of terror.

And now, I will share with you, gentle readers, the single most hideous sight ever seen amidst the firepits of Apokolips.

Be aware that once seen, this sight can not be unseen.

The Horror...


  1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph... That *is* one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen... It will haunt me 'til the end of my days.

  2. ummm, hey Green Lantern! Aim for his head.


    See, I was introduced to Darkseid during the Super Friends, when he had that awesome deep voice. it sounded like the iron giant's bigger, meaner brother had been gargling with rocks. it kicked ass. so when he showed up in Cosmic Odyssey, i was fully inclined to see him as the ultimate bad ass he was intended to be.

    yellow jumpsuit or no.

  3. Darkseid: Laundry Day still remains one of my favorite 80-Page Giant stories! Thanks for the memories!

  4. I'm kind of surprised he would wear that. I figured Darkseid would just walk out there dressed like her normally is. Dare all those Green Lanterns to take him out. Meanwhile, his troops wipe flank and wipe them out.

  5. Quickly! Send up The Blockade Boy symbol!

  6. Between Darkseid's yellow jumpsuit, and Galactus's purple headdress/helmet ... these cosmic beings are in serious need of make-overs. "Queer Eye For the Cosmic Guy"? Could be a Marvel mini-series, hot on the heels of Marvel Zombies.

  7. Orion #18 referred to Darkseid's smackdown of the Green Lantern Corps. Long ago, the Guardians decided that the eeevil of Apokolips must be destroyed, so they sent an army of GLs.

    Relating the story, Darkseid explained the folly of the attack: "With a weakness as simple as 'yellow?' Please."

    The issue was excellent. An unconscious Orion came under the protection of Raker, the Green Lantern of Apokolips. Raker was the last survivor of the attack. He's hidden in the warrens of Armaghetto for years.

    Raker's power battery was destroyed in the battle, and his ring has only a second or two of power left in it. Therefore, he keeps it in a stasis field most of the time and uses his own native toughness and badassitude to mete out justice. He breaks out the ring only for emergencies.

    The Green Lantern is the bogeyman of Darkseid's shock troops, the shadowy character who protects the lowlies but can never be caught. Keen, I sez.

    A fine issue. Great series.

    ...ye gods, yellow is not Darkseid's color.

  8. EGADS, the horror!

    It even killed those poor Lanterns there. Eeek.

    Kyle could probably fight him...then again, the sheer fashion disaster might break his brain first.

    Damn, that is a coup isn't it?

  9. And here I'm wondering if Vermin is being a literalist for the sake of buttering up the boss.

    Decimating = killing 1 out of ten.

    1/10 * 2/3 = 1/15.

    "Vermin, we only killed four out of sixty Lanterns."

    "I know, I'll say we're decimating two thirds of them."

    yeah, I know. I'm a nerd.

    (hee hee. "Buttering up" Darkseid.

  10. Darkseid goes shopping with Dale Gunn and Alexander Luthor.

  11. He breaks out the ring only for emergencies.

    doesn't not having a lantern qualify as an emergency? would it take more than a second to send for a new one?

    what an ass.

  12. UPS doesn't deliver to his quadrant. Green has no effect on brown.