Monday, January 23, 2006

Twice the Lumps, Half the Time

For Scipio's collection, from Green Lantern #2, current series.

Now, this image shouldn't count, because it's in mid-battle, right?

Well, here's the thing. In this storyline, Hal gets his butt saved from the indignity below, suffered from a standard manhunter robot. His rescuer is a newer model manhunter robot. Immediately afterwards, Hal gets up to thank the new model, and suffers the indignity shown above.

Within a page of this, guess what happens again.

Welcome Back, Hal


  1. Note that I now have a sidebar icon honoring Hal's Head.

  2. Hal's head has a natural ac of 10, additional to his base ac

  3. Bwahahaha. Actually, centurion, shouldn't additional AC mean that you wouldn't be able to HIT his head?
    Since you obviously can hit Hal's head, he must have damage reduction instead... Or a fortitude bonus to offset the wisdom reduction. :)

  4. Sin - you got me, I'll correct and say his head gets a natural 10ac penalty to his base ac....