Friday, January 27, 2006

Linkblogging (Been saving some of these)

Hmm.. some of these are old, but too good to pass up.

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Firstly, if anyone is still here from Jog's place looking for Seven Soldiers insights, I don't have any for Mister Miracle yet. I suggest you check my archives, and then head over to Melchior's. If you are so inclined, the Bulleteer #3 preview is up at PopCultureShock.

The Comic-Blog Legion -- I found out about this last week, but umm.. Well, better late than never. Check it out.

Now, a concept we really need to see more of in comics. I think it could help. Maybe we could petition the Dark Lord.

Some lovely discussion of Frank Miller.

Alan Scott's son comes out. Fans speculate on Alan's reaction.

They've got to be kidding.

I believe this one may be serious, though.

Here's an interesting Legion of Superheroes/Infinite Crisis Theory (Mild Spoilers)

Well, he's wierd but he has a point. Especially in lieu of this and this.

If you are particularly strong of heart -- Click at your own risk.

And last, but never least, the following people have blogged about Green Lantern (I'm not the only one!):

Mogo -- Kalinara

John Stewart -- Jer-El78, GlyphRich, and myself

Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner -- Kalinara, James Schmee, Mallet, Greywing, Chris of the Matter-Eater Blog, and Devon.

Hal Jordan -- Jerry tells us how to draw Hal. Scipio, Dave of the Longbox, and Marionette discuss Hal getting hit on the head. Sleestak tells us about Hal being stupid. Dave of YACB shows us Hal being badass (mind-controlled).
This all leads to the challenge of Zombie Mallet: Be nice to Hal this week. Mallet's got a head start on us, but I'll do you one better. Do an "I Love Hal" post before the end of February, link me to it in the comments, and I'll link all of them by the time Green Lantern #9 comes out, and then crosspost those links on a few Green Lantern message boards. So, give it a try. It'll get you some traffic...


  1. The one about Superman's sex life is still entertaining even when it is now hopelessly dated, and ten years after I read it as Larry Niven's essay "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", but where would the web be without a little blatant plagarism?

  2. ...that video is a thing of beauty.


    Hee. *hums "I Can't Fight This Feeling"*

  3. plok -- Uh-oh, now I'm under pressure.