Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Short and Sweet: Last Lines for 12/7/05

Spoiler Warning

Boneyard #20 -- Oh no, Thank you.
And Thank you, Richard Moore, for writing this series.

JSA #80 -- Take 'em as they come, Ted. One day at a time.
A refreshing sentiment from the Greatest Hero of the Golden Age. He outlines to his old friend the ideal strategy for dealing with the events of Infinite Crisis. Take them as they come. These messes are converging, and snowballing, and all of the younger heroes are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but this sage elder just calmly walks off panel, awaiting the next mess. He doesn't panic, he doesn't argue, he doesn't bite his nails and wonder what to do. This is why the JLA has disbanded, ther headquarters in ruins, while the JSA, though scattered and battered, still remains strong and ready to fight.

Ultimates 2 #9 -- The Great Satan has just been liberated.

Big build-up to a lackluster statement. Quite fitting for this comic.

Jonah Hex #2 -- Not so poor... They're buried in silver.

Ahh... Jonah Hex, Master of Poetic Justice. Is there anything not to love about this comic?

Gotham Central #38 -- ...Help Me...
Fitting to end this comic with a plea that could have been stated by any of the characters, just as any of the three featured cops now has a good reason to become the Spectre. Each would have a different flavor to add to the Spectre -- Redemption (Not the whiny "I just want a second chance" Redemption but the Spectre's true motivation of burning away the evil inside Redemption), Justice, and pure Wrathful Vengeance -- and each are equally poised for the job (Remember, there's still another issue in this arc before the Day of Vengeance special and any one of them can bite it)


  1. Re: JSA, I found the issue itself a bit disappointing, but definitely liked the ending line. Then again, Jay's my absolute favorite Flash, so...

  2. In re: Jonah Hex --- No, there is absolutely no reason not to love that comic. Even in bearded, alternate mirror universes, evil stupid people love Jonah Hex.

    In re: Ultimates, I'm in the minority here, but this issue was the one where I decided I don't need to keep buying this comic. Nothing to do with the political views, just too much rampant stupidity and plot hammering. This "season", if you will, has had no cohesive story, really -- it's one SHOCKING MOMENT followed by two boring issues, followed by another SHOCKING MOMENT, etc, etc.

  3. I'm already mourining the passing of Gotham Central. And yeah, the JLA, what a bunch of ineffectual whiners. (A little less voting, and a lot more ass-kicking, please.) I laughed until I couldn't breathe any more when I read that issue where the Martian Manhunter meets Manitou Dawn on the astral plane and warns her about the impending crisis, providiing her with vital information which she then proceeds to promptly forget.

  4. It's true; the JLA turned into a bunch of whiners. They've been acting like -- dare I say it? -- Marvel characters. And for the likes of me, that's unacceptable.

  5. Why is Manitou Dawn even there? She's neither interesting nor popular. She was a Joe Kelly creation, no? Is he writing the book right now? I wish to god her and Green Arrow had stayed in the JL Elite. And then, after the JL Elite ended, they could have just continued on there... thankfully off-screen (panel).

  6. Manitou Dawn sucks. Christ, J'onn tells her some grave secret about the coming crisis, and she FORGETS ABOUT IT? Her whole point seems to be making Ollie feel guilty about his womanizing. Fine, but do it in Green Arrow.

    It doesn't help that the Key's a crappy villain. The only time he was cool was when Morrison wrote him, and, even then, it was like eight pages over two issues. The rest was Morrisony takes on Imaginary Stories. God, I don't know why I keep reading this book.

  7. We continue to read JLA because we know that there are only a few more issues left. And the morbid curiousity that comes with watching them slowly implode... Ollie should get the hell out of the way and let Arthur take charge. then we'd see results.

  8. I don't know about you guys, but I continue to read JLA because the I think the artist should get more work.

    So, I'll be with the horrible writing to the bitter end.

    diamondrock -- You're right. Aquaman would be a better leader than Green Arrow.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm getting sick of Ollie right now. I hope Geoff Johns handles him better in Green Lantern.

  9. Yeah, what's with all the Green Arrow womanising? The pomposity and forthrightness, sure, but the womanising?
    That's not really Green Arrow so much, and I love Green Arrow.

    Still - excellent point on the Spectre re: Gotham Central. That's made me so much more excited about the next two issues than I was before. And I was pretty excited then.