Friday, December 16, 2005

Favorite Women of DC Comics Part II: Green Lantern

Soranik Natu (Green Latern: Recharge #1)
-- One Issue. A great concept. She does not want to be a Green Lantern. She's happy where she is, and Green Lanterns are reviled and cursed on her homeworld, which spawned Sinestro. But, she's a Doctor, and accepts entrance in order to save a life. Now, she wants out, but it's much too late. Even though she's currently playing damsel-in-distress, I am dying to see what happens with her.

Alexandra DeWitt (Green Lantern, Volume 3)
-- I've mentioned before that I thought from his depictions of Donna and Jade that Ron Marz couldn't write women. Then I actually read "New Dawn" and saw Alex. Alex was smiling, bright, and optimistic. Pretty, fashionable, and vivacious. Strong, capable and intelligent. Alex came alive in very few pages. Alex's death was tragic and shocking not because of grotesque details, but because of her personality. She seemed to be a character who would last a long time.

That may be why I have such a problem with Kyle's other girlfriends. Alex is a tough act to follow.

The Space-Amazons of Zamaron (Green Lantern, Volume 1)
-- The all-female sister tribe of the Green Lantern's bosses, the Guardians of the Universe.
Their attitude about men becomes understandable when you realize their natural mates are the Guardians (Smurfy goodness, with none of the enthusiasm) and the Controllers (Tall, thin, cerebral, perpetual stick up the butt).

Their chosen replacement mates: Korugarians.

That's right, Sinestro's race.

Starting to get their picture of masculinity?

Then they have the extremely amusing custom of choosing an alien based on very specific physical requirements, and making her their Queen, the Star Sapphire. While this may seem unwise, consider the stagnation and isolationism of their male counterparts. This might be an extreme measure to avoid those pitfalls. And they've proven already that they won't keep an incompetent or evil Queen. The Golden-Age Flash villainess was one they'd booted for stupidity.

So, they have these very specific physical requirements, basically that each Star Sapphire look identical to the previous one (Man, would I love to see the Green Lantern story that explains how this custom came about -- probably involving a tragic death of their first Queen) but nothing else (personality, experience, planetary origin) needs to amtch up. Coincidentally, these physical requirements fit Hal Jordan's girlfriend, Carol Ferris, to a T. Wackiness ensued.

It was fun, it's always fun to see them. They are just such an awesome concept. I badly want them active again.

Anamede of Zamaron (Showcase Presents: Green Lantern)
-- I love the entire Zamaron race, but I like her (the fair-haired one on the spaceship in Green Lantern #16) best.

A) She gets the best lines: "We are aware that this Green Lantern is a hero of considerable prowess on your world! We will show you what a weakling he really is! Better yet, you will prove it to yourself!" "Her loyalty to this mere man is astonishing." "Look, she is fainting from the excitement! Such a disgrace to our sex!" "Since you were defeated by a mere man, Carol Ferris..."

B) She gets to use all of the cool looking gadgets on the Zamaron spaceship.

C) She is the only Zamaron given a name, ever.

Katma Tui (Green Lantern, Volume 2)
-- After the glory that was Katma Tui-Stewart (and the hope from her resurrection in the now retconned-away Green Lantern: Mosaic), how could any Green Lantern fan be satisfied with Jade?! How?

Case in Point: Issue 189
Katma uses her ring successfully while blinded. Katma trumps Kyle (JLA: Tower of Babel) and Guy (OMAC Project) and shows that she could beat the snot out of an OMAC and Batman.

Katma carries grace and confidence while training John, and does not once come off as a bitch.

Katma needs no Oath to teach respect for the Emerald Power.

Katma can falter and need to be rescued without seeming incompetent or evoking the damsel-in-distress slander because she is so clearly an equal to her rescuer in the preceeding circumstances (and she's just so wonderful I can forgive it).

Katma is an alien ingenue who does not look stupid.

Katma is quietly dignified.

Katma is beautiful without a trace of tramp.

Katma is the foremost Emerald Lady.

Katma is the Ultimate Female Green Lantern.

Bring Back Katma!!


  1. Hmm... My Green Lantern cred isn't as solid as say, my Aquaman cred. But I'm definitely digging Soranik Natu and I loved Alex. And now I'm very curious about Kama Tui...

  2. I've got mixed feelings about Soranik thus far. I mean she seems like she'll be interesting but the damsel in distress thing worries me.

    However, if she does stay it would be really cool to have a medical-type GL. I would imagine she wouldn't be the greatest in battle, but could probably do so much more in terms of keeping the others alive and healthy than any of the others could dream of. I'd like to see that.

  3. Yeah, Soranik's probably the strongest concept they've had for a GL in a while. ... definitely looking forward to seeing her story play out.

    Katma Tui...what can you say? You've said it all perfectly. There are two kinds of GL fans: those who dig Katma and those whow don't.

    I usually pretend not to know those who don't.

  4. diamonrock -- Any pre-volume 3 Green Lanterns. She was offed between the series in Action Comics Weekly, in an isse I've never been able to find.

    kali -- I think once they rescue her she'll end up as medical staff, something desperately needed in this franchise. Would be fun to see her butt heads with Dr Mid-Nite. I'd also like to see her lecturing Kilowog and Salakk on letting the humans get their necessary sleep (If Guy and Kyle are going to be universe-wide backup, round the clock on-call, that'll be tough. "This species requries at least one third of their lives to be spent at rest, 2 cycles a night, and at least 4 consecutive hours each cycle -- That's not happening when you wake them up every thirty minutes!"). Doctor characters are just rife with comedic and dramatic potential.

    She's probably playing Damsel-in-Distress right now because they wanted to add the reluctant GL aspect to her character, but needed a reason to have her stay on. Being rescued by Kyle and Guy is a damned good reason. I don't see it necessarily meaning she'll end up that way all of the time. This could be chalked up under "Rookie mistakes."

    I hope she doesn't end up Kyle's new love-interest, though. 1) They're cursed, and 2) Seems too much like a reward to me.

    chris -- a wise policy. But I don't believe I've met anyone who's actually read Katma and doesn't like her.