Sunday, December 11, 2005

Current Events

In lieu of an actual social life (made unavailable to me by my freakish work hours), I wander the Internet in search of Entertainment and Pseudo-companionship. Here's just some of what I found:

Heidi Meeley is well enough to post, so we should be getting regular updates on Comics Fairplay again. Welcome back, Heidi!

A social experiment is being conducted on The Drudge Siren and Facedown in the Gutters this week. Some of you may find it helpful.

Sleestak of Lady, That's My Skull fame points out out an unusual feature of Marvel Christmas stories.

Mark Fossen outlines the pattern in Fell.

Last month, Melchior appreciated Infinite Crisis. I am compelled to link to moreso because he has a great name for his blog. I grew up in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, and people who know the same place names I do get major points.

Congratulate Spencer Carnage on his discovery of Starman, and applaud his compulsion to read it in order. It's very important to read that particular series in order.

Spencer is currently disagreeing about Aquaman with Scipio.

Double Articulation has turned into a Book Club.

Captain Infinity has exciting news!

The Ten Commandments of Coyote Revealed!

Johnny Triangles has thoughts on Hank Pym and Roy Harper.

Marionette posted some pages from Supergirl that I really thought I'd enjoy seeing, but the accompanying dialogue makes me feel queasy. Take a look for yourself.

Tom Foss of the Fortress of Soliloquy shares some observations about Supergirl, as well. He also provides the following Luther Primer (Heavy Spoilage if you haven't made it past Villains United yet) for those of us confused by Infinite Crisis and the unusual Lutherage during the build-up.

I think I may have inadvertantly caused a blog feud. This post appeared after I linked to this post (actually, this may be the third time I've linked to this post) in this post. This post appears to be a direct result of it. Oops. I'd like to apologize to both the Comics Asylum and So So Silver Age for my irresponsibility. I'd like to further apologize for drawing attention to it, but I just find it a fascinating chain of events and I think the respective arguments need to speak for themselves. I'd also like to add that Ron Marz is actually a pretty cool guy and Jade may indeed be salvageable.

And finally, the following people have publicly commented on the Wizard One Year Later (Heavy Infinite Crisis Spoilers included -- And here, by the way is Chris's Opinion of those Spoilers) Quiz:

Ragnell the Foul of The Written World
Shelly of Shelly's Comic Book Shelf
Captain Infinity of the Zeta-Beam
Rourke of Rourke's Reviews
Libby of the New Hampshire Joyride
Dave of The Our Oasis Blog
Jon of Facedown in the Gutters
Scipio of the Absorbascon
Jason R Wells, Esquire
Tom Foss of the Fortress of Soliloquy
The LiveJournal Community: Titans Together
The LiveJournal Community: Comic Book Lovers
The DC Comics Message Board Community
The Millarworld Community
The Comic Bloc Community
The SuperheroHype Community
The Newsarama Community

On Monday, the DC March previews come on. Some of these people will be proven wrong, some will be proven right, and I am willing to bet every question here will be answered in the previews. Because DC purposefully leaked this to Wizard as part of their marketing, and I find it hard to believe they'd hint at things they are unwilling to let everyone know early anyway. They are releasing tidbits in a calculated manner, here. Not even close to willy-nilly. I wouldn't put it past them to have purposefully been delaying books to keep a certain readign order. They want us discussing and speculating, and wondering how the hell this came about. They are using Wizard Magazine and the Internet to sell more comics. Sneaky bastards.

And, that's all for now, folks. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you. You have a wonderful blog. I'll be back. :)

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  3. Thank you for the shout out! I really appreciate all the well-wishes and good vibes you have sent my way.

    Take care!

  4. Thanks from me, too! Just a note on how complicated mental geographies can be: though I grew up in urban northern NJ, most of my parochial school classmates and teachers were Irish, and, consequently, one of my favorite movies growing up was The Molly Maguires. (It was shown to us several times at school assemblies.) The anthracite region of PA was a part of my little world, though I wouldn't actually visit it until years later.

    On how DC is hawking its wares: though I hate being manipulated as much as the next person does, I've got to say that DC has been pretty masterful at using solicitations and "sneak peaks" of upcoming covers to stoke interest in Infinite Crisis and One Year Later. (And yeah, I was online at 5PM checking out those March solicitations.)

  5. Meeleys -- You both are too nice for words, you know that?

    *Waves Hi to Shelly*

    Melchior -- Y'know, I've never actually seen that movie, and I am from the heart of Coal Country. But I've been on the coal mine tour and I've heard the stories about the phantom handprint. It's a different world in that valley, and I think the mining heritage has a lot to do with that.

    (And I hit the computer as soon as I got home from work to check. I must cofness, I'm enjoying the marketing strategy this time around too. I can't think of another time they've managed to live up to it)