Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really only one book catches my eye.

DC Solicits are up for May.

I'm underwhelmed. The Flashpoint crossover starts and while I do like the whole "Alternate Timeline that is just wrong" concept, I am not particularly interestest in it. In the meantime, we draw closer to the War of the Green Lanterns which I am also not particularly interested in. I might sit out both sets of books.

And can anyone guess the quickest way to get me to drop a book? If your answer is "Put Judd Winick on it", give yourself a treat. You know why I'm dropping Batman and Robin this spring.

I'll believe Batwoman #2 is out when I see it.

And this brings me to Wonder Woman #611, which has unexpectedly become the book from DC I'm now most looking forward to. I read 605-606 this week. (I will be ignoring Superman #708, and I advise you do the same.) Hester has Diana acting like Diana. She's fighting to save people all her life, and not just her Amazon sisters. Hester's fight sequences are engaging. Hester's characters seem like people making decision, not just items that are moved from one place to another in order to set up a plot. Even knowing this timeline is temporary, I am actually worried that one of these characters will die next issue. His scripting actually got me to give a shit about some of them.

Yes, we still have JMS plot. Yes, we still have that stupid costume. Yes, I fucking hate what they are doing to the Morrigan but I think Phil Hester has achieved his goal. Wonder Woman is readable and enjoyable again. I recognize Diana again. I want to see what happens to her. I'm looking forward the May issue, because I now WANT to see the big reveal, and the big villain, and the whole point of crossing Simonson's plot with "Age of Apocalypse."

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  1. I'm also worried about Winick taking over B+R, particularly since his arc is about Jason Todd. Grant Morrison's Jason Todd in the second arc of B+R is the only one in the last few years that hasn't made me all stabby. Jason Todd dying was a formative part of my childhood, and I've hated the way his character since his return has been morphed to fit every new writer who uses him. Winick's "Red Hood: The Lost Years" was aggressively meh, and I'm afraid my feeling of stabbiness is going to return with this arc.

    Flashpoint is just...I just don't know...