Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Note

Just received this comment on my own personal blog:
Quick question. Is When fangirls attack a manga site now? Thanks.

You guys do realize we have fucking jobs and real lives here, right? I've had a miserable busy week and haven't checked a single feed since last Monday, Kalinara's had a miserable busy week, and Anna runs in her own circles. Sometimes, Anna will be busy and someone else will be doing all the posts in a row and you won't see any fucking manga for a little while. No one's being paid for this, we all have our own responsibilities.

When I see complaints like this it makes me want to close up shop. No, actually it makes me want to post every fucking link as "Link" and put them all in a paragraph so that you can't tell the superhero from the manga or the trolls from the activists and the fans. It makes me want to change the titles and the names of the authors with the links. It makes me want to arrange it so that every single substantial post is buried in the middle of troll links, featuring the best of the most hated people in the community.

And if I space it out right, I can do it without violating the stated linking policy.

There are only two things stopping me from doing this. There's the thought that this is just one or two fucking morons in a sea of reasonable people who understand that we have jobs, and lives, and families, and shit to do when we're not on the Internet. And the knowledge that if I went and burned down the fucking house not a one of you would step up to rebuild it.

Okay, there's also the miraculous font of sanity and diplomacy that is Kalinara. You guys have no idea how crazy mean I actually am.


  1. *hugs* :(

    I rly appreciate the time you and Kalinara and Anna take out of your lives to put into something you dun get paid to do and do as a favour to others. :) I find it ridic that some ppl would be so not understanding about this and act like you owe them a WFA or something >:|

  2. Whew! I'm so glad I wasn't one of those folks:)

  3. Holy crap. After people whining that there's not enough manga links, it's like nobody can fucking win. But I guess that's how it usually goes down.

    Keep doing what you're doing, guys.

  4. Hmm. I guess I'm slow and should probably know better than to ask this question, because I'll probably be called stupid but: What was the insult in that question? Are manga sites not updated regularly or something? Thanks. I do enjoy your site by the way. I have never felt the need to comment but this one had me scratching my head.

  5. Frank, the issue is really that this is kind of the straw that breaks the camels' back. :-)

    See, WFA has three workers. Ragnell and I cover superhero comics, Anna covers manga. Real life kind of bitchslapped Ragnell and me, so lately the only one posting regularly was Anna.

    The problems with comments like this is that, whether intended or not, a sense of entitlement comes across. "So is this a manga blog now?" ignores both the 2.5 years we've been regularly posting on that blog and, to my own personal annoyance, ignores that just Saturday, I'd posted a catch up post, which fairly clearly indicates the superhero focus is still going.

    Mostly though it's that awb was hardly the only person to express such sentiments and they're starting to really get on our nerves. We're human. :-)

  6. Good Gosharootie, there's nothing quite like nerd entitlement.

  7. Seriously, I asked a question that required a yes or no answer and I get all this drama? Really what is the big deal? Everyone knows most people do this for free. Did I ask in a rude way or something? I mean what the hell did I say to warrant such a response? Was there hidden snark? Really someone explain this too me. Nerd entitlement? What the hell? Is this a joke?

  8. Awb: Look up. Two comments before you I explain exactly why I found your comment so annoying. Ragnell's undoubtedly got her own reasons.

    I will acknowledge that you probably didn't intend any offense with your question, however, I found the phrasing and "tone" offensive regardless of intent.

    Your options here are threefold. You can a) decide we're full of shit and cranky obnoxious womenfolk and wash your hands of us, b) consider that maybe there is something in your phrasing that genuinely can cause offense and be more careful about such things in your future dealings, or c) actually read Ragnell's post and my comment above, realize that both of us have had really miserable weeks and may well be oversensitive and overstressed and let it the fuck go.

    Whichever you choose, more power to you.

  9. "Quick question, is WFA a manga site now? Thanks."

    Nope don't see it. That's pretty "plain language meaning" to me and should be to you also. That doesn't mean your response to it wasn't legitimate but don't try to pretend that I phrased the question in some weird way to make it seem like a jab. And please,don't come at me with the bizarro notion that I am the one who is trippin' and pushing the issue when it was you who spazzed the fuck out in the first place. And there is a whole post on this site dedicated to my question. Man, Fuck you. I had already come to the conclusion c)you guys had some other personal shit you were stressing about and were taking it out on a complete stranger. Hey, it happens. But since we aren't actually talking face to face how do you discern, tone and inflection from a simple writing? "Fuck off?" That's just some rude ass shit. If no one was being hostile to you why on earth would you do some shit like that?

  10. And yet you're still here. :-) Goodness, how persistent.

    Anyway, I explained why I was offended in my reply to Frank. Ragnell can speak for herself. If my reasons are not enough for you, well, too bad. They only have to be good enough for me. :-)

    Now you're just remarkably entertaining to poke. Maybe decaf would do you good? :-)

  11. Aren't you precious. You ARE young aren't you? "I was mad so I acted out." Cool. I can understand that, I have kids. I usually make them apologize though and help them to understand why they acted that way. Because it is rude behaviour and it shouldn't condoned and should be addressed.

  12. AWB: Let it go... it was clearly a miscommunication, but you'll never win the argument with this bunch.

    Kalinara: Can we maybe learn from this that every time someone posts a comment that has a tone you dislike that resorting right to 'fuck off' might be an overreaction? That's pretty rash for someone who is generally pretty measured in her responses... and over this?

    Ragnell: Seriously? For this you get up on your high horse and wave your 'I could destroy my precious little link blog and then you'd all be sorry!'. You have more than 10 comments on a post about a commenter being a douche. You are one of the most widely read comic blogs. I read your blog even though I think your opinions are horrific and damaging. Most people with lives and jobs blog for no readers and no commenters, so maybe consider that you've got a good thing going before you start wasting a lot of space trying to poke annoying commenters in the eye to prove your value. I mean, it's your blog, do what you want, but that's my two cents.

  13. I think y'all are doing great work, and y'all got my permission to ignore those two trolls.

  14. Big Mike,

    If it was a miscommunication how in the hell am I being a douche? It wasn't a miscommunication on my part: I sincerely wanted to know the answer to my question. I thought it was reasonably put and polite.

    And sorry homey, why shouldn't I address it when someone is treating me like shit? I didn't come here asking why the hell she wasn't posting or demanding more content or demanding that she change the name of her link blog. Hell, you saw what I asked. You think that you can treat people like dogs and not get blowback? If you were talking to me face to face you would say that? Again, this ain't my spot and they can treat people however the hell they want to but don't act like my response is unwarranted.

  15. Big Mike: As I said, I gave my reasons. I've never denied it was likely an overreaction and outright admitted when speaking to Frank that it was more of a case of "straw breaking the camel's back" than anything else.

    I don't feel the need to restate anything. And the truth is, I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone here except maybe Ragnell for clogging her comment threads.

    awb: Aw. Patronizing now? You really are grasping at straws, aren't you...

  16. Kalinara,

    Call it what you will. I just recognize that type of behaviour when I see it. Besides "I was mad, so I acted out" is pretty much paraphrasing what you wrote about others similarly commenting about what I asked so you are basically criticising your own assessment of your own behaviour. That's cool. You probably should examine why you acted like such a victim in the first place. I also understand that people don't like to admit when they are wrong. It's an ego thing.

  17. Maybe it'd help to state something overtly that some participants are taking as given: The idea that WFA might have actually turned into a manga blog, without notice to that effect, is so patently absurd to a reader familiar with its history that the question can only be construed as somehow humorous or disingenuous.

  18. Anon,

    So if the reader wasn't familiar, than what?

  19. Seriously,

    I don't have much history with the link blog. I only found it through this site. How the hell was I supposed to know I was being humorous or disengenious and how the hell were they supposed to know that I was being humourous or disengenious? in any case I go back to exhibit 1: "Fuck off". If I wasn't familiar with the site, is this anyway to treat a relative new comer? Hmm?

    I'm out. Peace.

  20. Kalinara: Thanks for the answer. I think your readers just like to argue with you and Ragnell.

    Big Mike: I don't know if Ragnell was getting on a high horse, but I take Kalinara at her 'word' I know too many other bloggers that go unappreciated until they get burnt out to take offense at the term. I just asked because I thought I had missed some internet slang. I really don't visit WFA enuff to think one way or the other. I did see that Ragnell had not posted alot and instantly understood from a post from a month ago that her life was a little hectic at the moment. Not trying to be an apologist for anyone but if you guys are regulars you should have picked up on that. "The Foul" is there for a reason ;)

  21. You know what... fuck this... here goes...

    Even though my involvement here is tangential at best, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I crapped on Kalinara and Ragnell who are clearly expressing frustrations that go beyond the context of this post. And I'm sorry I dismissed AWB's complaint out of hand... it wasn't even my business to get involved. I'm sorry I said shitty stuff, and I'm sorry I contributed to this whole comment thread becoming a soul-sucking well of negativity. I appreciate civility, and I often knee-jerk when I see bullying and meanness, particularly on something that's supposed to be fun, like say a comic book blog. I believe that in order to earn respect, you have to show respect to others, even the people that annoy you... and even on the internet.

    I think the whole blogsphere needs to get back to talking about shit that matters... like how Tim Drake is going to handle his already complex love life with Spoiler back in the mix.

  22. *sigh* You would have to be the big person, (no pun intended :-)) and go and apologize and spoil all the immature enjoyment of taking out frustration on someone who doesn't really deserve it but is here and easy to target.

    I admit, I did overreact. As I explained previously, it was pretty much a straw that broke the camel's back thing for me. Sometimes when you see enough of the same complaint, even innocent ones suddenly read as sarcastic. So I apologize for going overboard in my initial response to you awb, for what it's worth. The hostility was not called for.

    (I do genuinely mean what I'm saying but I must also admit to an ulterior motive. I suspect Ragnell's enjoying watching us bicker in her comment thread a little too much and I live to ruin her day. :-))

  23. awb

    if you are a newcomer ("relative" or otherwise), wtf is up with the "now" part of that question?

    which, you know, would be the bit that understandably set Ragnell and Kalinara off

    "Is WFA a manga blog?" suggests either newbie or a snarky troll, but likely the former

    "Is WFA now a manga blog?" points much more towards the latter

    the word "now" says that you have knowledge of the site's history

    now you are claiming to have none

    which is it?

    because either you have the patience of a gnat because you can't manage to do some rummaging around to figure out whats what before bothering people with questions to which there are obvious answers... (the post introducing Anna was like a month ago, right?)

    ...or you have the patience of a gnat because you can't wait a week or two for Ragnell and Kalinara to get real life stuff taken care of first

    either way, you have the patience of a gnat, and I'm with Ragnell, Kalinara is much more gracious than I am

  24. Man, the internet isn't for porn anymore, it's for deliberately misunderstanding simple English so you can feel that sweet righteous indignation and cleverly insult people who've done you no harm. Sandbox is just too crowded I guess.

  25. No its still for porn. Why did you need links? WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE MINE!

  26. I'm pretty new to reading When Fangirls attack (I've stopped by off and on for maybe a month and a half), but, not realizing it was run by three persons rather than one, had also started to wonder if Manga was more typically the subject than superheroes. I know better now, but wouldn't have thought it untoward to ask if the blog was tilting toward manga (I almost did, actually, as I wasn't sure if the balance was usual or just current). Not everybody on the internet feels entitled; some of us are just curious. :)

  27. And there even IS a place to ask that. The WFA blog HAS a comments function. They still might get annoyed at you, but at least its an appropiate place to ask about the linkblog...

  28. Seriously, sounds like you all really, really need to get laid.

    Luckily you're girls, so all you need to do is walk into a bar and make pretty eyes at the first guy you see. Unless you're really ugly, it should work gangbusters.

    You can thank me later.

  29. ...

    I'm going to assume the person above is either sarcastic or a horrible troll who's not worth it.

    Anyway, I'd like to pop in to thank Ragnell and kalinara for their work. I've discovered a lot of awesome blogs through this site and it makes me happy whenever I'm linked here. I'm glad to see women in manga are getting a good collection here too now, though I don't read much manga myself.

    I did notice it was slow lately, but knew you guys must be busy. I'm sorry people don't understand that, and I know how it is to be a straw...okay, I cannot phrase that correctly. Anyway, you guys rock.

  30. No, Michael's got it about right. Some serious uptightness going on here.