Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie thoughts

(Don't ask what I've been up to.)

A few months ago Kalinara had a post pointing out the similarities between Wonder Woman and Captain America, and with the Captain America movie rumors (McConaughey, now this guy) I may have found another one.  We all know the Wonder Woman part is the favorite rumor of any pretty brunette starlet who needs to attract attention, Captain America may get to be the part that any handsome blond looking for leading man status wants to be linked to.

Come to think of it, it may be just as hard to cast as Wonder Woman.  You need someone very traditionally masculine who can pull off cheerful, old-fashioned, gentle, quiet and inspiring all without looking like a parody.  With Wonder Woman you need traditionally feminine but able to pull off utterly self-confident, powerful, friendly, pure hearted and inspiring all without looking like a parody.

I'm much more confident the Captain America movie will be made than the Wonder Woman movie, mind you, but it's interesting the similarities.  When they finally do cast it I bet the guy will be very much a modern male version of Lynda Carter.

And while I'm on the subject of comparing the two franchises, Bucky's a much better grown-up sidekick who came back from the dead in a convoluted story with an identity crisis than Donna's ever been.  Does anyone else think Brubaker might be able to do something worthwhile with Donna and Cassie if he got ahold of them?
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  1. Thinking about it, they should totally cast one of the Gladiators for Wonder Woman too.

    Physically tough, but still attractive, able to play confident at least, and comfortable in incredibly stupid clothes. It'd work better than the playboy model at least. :-P

  2. I wouldn't bet against Brubaker if he were writing the Smurfs. He'd certainly give is a Wonder Woman family worth reading. (Not that I'm in any hurry for Gail Simone to leave.)