Sunday, December 09, 2007

An Open Letter to the Comics Blogging Community That Anyone Can Respond To But Probably Shouldn't Bother

Please stop with the open letter format before it gets too old. I know that it is the nature of the internet to take a joke, stretch it beyond recognition and run it into the ground over the course of a decade but we should think about nipping this one in the bud. I also know this joke hasn't spread to too many blogs, but I've seen at least four posts with the title which means its probably time to put it to rest.

I'm all for cross-blog talk, but it would be nice if we got back to a little variety.

While we're at it, the phrase "hive vagina" finished running its course a little over a year ago. It was inhumane to force it to do the first extra lap, let alone pushing it so far beyond that. This phrase is wheezing rather pathetically and needs to be allowed to pass to the other side now.

And before anyone makes an anonymous comment, I know the irony of complaining about this format in a blog post using this format. That is the joke. Thank you.


  1. Rather than respond with a
    letter, my comment
    shall be a haiku instead.

  2. Call me pedantic
    And sadly off-topic, but
    That is not haiku

  3. This is what happens
    When my brain gets all confused.
    Reverse haiku, then.

  4. Personally, I'm sick of "teh", writing "omg(Insert strawman version of an argument the writer of the post disagrees with)!!!11eleven!" and saying something is "made of win".

    Those things were kind of funny the first few thousand times. Now I just want to gouge my eyes out every time I see them.


  5. But can't we just make
    A teensy exception for
    The brilliant Kevin Church?

    (Okay, it's not really an "open letter" but it's in that sort of realm... and I couldn't resist replying in haiku, it's the second time I've done that this week.)

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  7. I am a horrible person. Whenever I see the term "Hive Vagina" I immediately want to know if it is filled with bees.

  8. But I like to make
    fun of the hive vagina
    concept. It must stay!

  9. I've deleted my comment, as I'm fairly sure it doesn't make sense. Sorry about that.

  10. I kind of like the letter format.

    Running things into the ground is kind of fun.



  11. an open letter
    to ragnell at written world:
    i'll take your advice

  12. Well there goes my next 7 posts. Way to force me to be creative you big mean, no-cookie making meanie head. And now I'm supposed to stop with Hive Vagina? How else am I going to pitch a female Swarm to Quesada then?

  13. Meh, I prefer tanka...

    The open letter,
    For you, my dear, I will grant,
    It must stop, indeed.
    But yet, the hive vagina,
    is not one I will give up.


  14. Where there any particular recent open letters that brought this on? Maybe I'm not following the right blogs, but I haven't noticed any great proliferation.

  15. Comix blogs right now
    Have lots of haikus in them
    It is kind of weird.