Thursday, December 13, 2007

Initial reactions to Green Lantern #25 (Vague Spoilers)

(This is your best chance for a happy post this week.)

Hey, is that Arkiss?

Ooo... Pretty Colors...

Are all the violet ones girls? Dammit! Okay, its in character for the Zamarons but still pretty-groanworthy given what purple equals.

Ooo, but Kyle's mask is drawn properly.

Hey, that sappy sequence kind of worked.


Hey, cool, his partner's a girl.

Her uniform is not completely ugly. Exploitive and impractical (no possibilities for a bra at all), but it does not make you want to throw up from the hideousness in addition to the exploitiveness as the last two Reis-designed female costumes did. Maybe its just because she's Apokoliptian and that dominatrix shit is kind of the style there.

(Yes, I do think about these things on the first reading.)

Aww, John and Guy look so cute.

Holy shit, someone remembered Leezle Pon.

And that Guy is good with kids.

(I'm sure this particular sappy sequence is meant to state that this is Hal's extended family.)

Ahhh.. Like any good superhero story there's a feeling of accomplishment and the hint that things are going to worsen considerably by the time anyone notices that the problems still exist.

No, seriously, I consider that a good thing. Its traditional for serialized storytelling. The most important part, though, is that feeling of accomplishment so that the reader believes the heroes can handle the little bit louder and little bit worse of the next time around.

And... No, I wasn't expecting those last four pages. I should have seen that coming, because that really is about the worst way for that new rule to backfire, but I didn't.


  1. I luff this issue so much :D

    I saw the ending b/c black would be the opposite of the 7 colours combined (that being white light), and so it'd take all 7 (emotions which only living things have :D (in theory xD) ) to fight death :D

    Zombie Lanterns! :O

    I was a little annoyed about the violet lanterns being all women too, but mebbe they'll be some men also as the ranks grow? :o Men can love as well, right? Right? o_O;;

    I wanna be a blue lantern :) Or a violet one. :o Can I have one ring on each hand? :D

  2. The Red Lanterns looked scary, definitely more sinister than the Yellow. I wonder if they'll still be the Sinestro Corps. or become the Yellow Lantern Corps.

    Did Leezle Pon appear in any other stories? I know he was mentioned in Mogo Doesn't Socialize. I love that this whole war was somewhat based on just a few Alan Moore GLC stories from the 70s.

    All in all a job well done. This is what happens when a writer makes up the story, rather than editorial.

  3. I'm still basking in the glow of reading this. Wasn't the art delicious?

    This whole story arc has been so much better than Countdown, or Civil War, or World War Hulk, possibly because it was mostly confined to just the Green Lanterns. Therefore, we only had the Green Lantern writers and artists and actually got a coherent story...nay, a MAGNIFICENT story.

  4. My favorite part was the creation, and who created and why they created the blues.


  5. This story is Infinitely better than any of those big Mega Cross-Overs in recent years... no I mean to say EVER! (My oppinion anyway.)

    I bet the Star Sapphire Corp won't just be women. There will be dudes and transgendered aliens too I am sure. (And maybe a Stel who loves...? I think it'd be funny at least...)

    Anyone else notice that the Black Lantern Rings had Black Hand's symbol on them?

    Lastly, The Blue Lanterns will be awesome.

  6. The thing that bothered me about the Star Sapphires wasn't that they were all women (this is the Zamarons, natch) but that they were all skinny humanoid women.

    Are overweight alien lizard-ladies and she-bugs not capable of love? :(

  7. I also want to know who's behind the Orange Lanterns because it's surely someone we already know.

  8. @Will -- My first thought for the person in charge of the Orange was Kanjar Ro. He just seems the type.

  9. Will, they deserve love too, but they gotta pay, remember what Quagmire said. xD

  10. See, my only thought on the Red and the Orange is that we'll see Amon Sur in one or the other soon.

    Also that all of these open up opportunities for more human Lanterns -- meaning a way to get some active human characters who aren't straight white (well, hat tip to John here) male Americans.

    I do kind of like that the Stars are ultimately on the calm-colored "positive" side. I'd like to see Carol get her powers (and the better costume) without the insanity.

    But yeah, keeping my fingers crossed on variety in the Stars. Its possible Van Sciver was going for similarity there because they were in a definite formation (and probably doping something important). Maybe Gleason'll be the next artist who gets to draw them. He seems to enjoy doing different body types.

  11. All through this series, I've seen this one Sinestro Corps member who looks like a (literal) bag of bones. He shows up in EVERY big mob scene, I think.
    Is this a villain we've seen before? WHO THE HELL IS THIS?

  12. The thing with the green lights in the windows made me tear up a little.