Saturday, November 10, 2007

Obsidian got a speaking part?

Why wasn't I informed? Why did I have to wait to read JSA #10 a week late to find this one out? I mean, he was talking for at least three pages there. That's HUGE for this character. That's more panel-time than he's had the entire series.

Maybe they'll actually use him in a fight in a few issues.

Okay, maybe that's too much to expect. But wow. Obsidian actually got a speaking part.


  1. It WAS nice, wasn't it? And then Scott yells at him.

  2. It seems like Johns has plans with the character that are a slow burn nature. He seems to be playing him closer to his earlier characterization as a shy character who speaks little words.

    I don't think they will use him in a fight, which I kind of agree with. He doesn't seem like the person who really enjoys the whole superhero life.

  3. I don't know. There's slow burn and then there's completely ignoring a character for a year.

  4. I think it's a slow-burn plan that erred on the side of completely ignoring him for a year. I suspect that he was a character/plotline that would keep getting pushed aside in favor of crossovers and other stuff. JSA strikes me as a book trying to do so much that it's hard to fit it all into 22 pages, and Todd is one of that characters that gets short shrift.

    That said, ignoring him for a year made his appearance after "everybody" cleared the room more shocking and memorable -- much like "Black Bolt" speaking during the most recent issue of Illuminati.

    But in superhero comics, sooner or later everybody's gotta fight. Hopefully we'll see some of that soon from Todd.

  5. The funny part is that I had just noticed that he was off the "masthead" at the beginning of the issue where all the JSA members are listed. I was prepared to be disappointed, and then he up and gets off wallpaper duty and starts actually interacting!

  6. It's a big team, and it's gonna get bigger. And what he said in those few pages were more meaningful than what a lot of others say.