Friday, November 09, 2007

Finally caught up on my comics.

Countdown Week 26 has what is now my favorite "Donna Troy Dodges Death" sequence.

Jason deserves to be hit on a regular basis for being a jerk all the time.

I think I'm starting to love Donna Troy.

She's just so casual about this sort of thing by now. She punches Jason (Actually, his still having internal organs on the inside of the chest after she hits him twice is evidence that she has excellent control over her strength) and then scolds him for being rude, and rather than reassure Kyle (who is, wonderfully, the only one who didn't realize she wasn't a goner and is pretty thrown by the whole revelation) she seems to just roll her eyes at him and rattle off some exposition.

"Yeah yeah, Jason's a really big asshole but not that big an asshole. Bob helped. Let's get on with the multiverse-wide scavenger hunt."

She's coming off (over all the specials and the weeklies) as this bland sweet-natured person who has just enough flexibility in her character to be temperamental when the writers need her to be, and is resilient enough to always be good for either a fake death or a real death. I can honestly see the appeal now.

In fact, I think its safe to say I'm reading Countdown for Donna right now almost as much as Kyle.

I want to see her die and/or hit Jason again.


  1. It was fun.

    But while I've always wuvved Donna (Don't ask me why.), I'm not giving her a pass for "Re-Todd." Or Kyle a pass for laughing at "Re-Todd."

    I called somebody Re-Todd once. I was eight.

  2. I want someone to bring back Donna's kids (they died in an explosion for Chrissakes) so she can balance being a dimension hopping Goddess with getting her young 'uns fed and in school on time. I think that would make an awesome series.

  3. Zhinxy -- I prefer to attribute that to being woozy from her recent blast and Kyle being overwhelmed at the sudden shock-grief-relief thing.