Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For Future Reference

If you want to link-bait When Fangirls Attack, there is no need to troll my personal blog and drop little hints about reactions on your own blog, then force me to follow your name to your profile and check all your blogs looking for the topical post. There's a good chance I might miss what I'm looking for that way and instead link something that makes you look like an ass. (Now if the post that makes you look like an ass is actually the one you meant, then yes this can work. But you may not always be so lucky.)

Also, don't count on linking my personal blog, my name, or WFA. That won't always get you noticed. Search engines are unreliable in this aspect, I don't always check for links to catch my links, and I'm not shelling money out for the long referral list on the WFA stat counter. I'm only doing this so long as I can up my blood pressure for free, dammit.

And if I've linked you once, I may not find you again. Whether I consider the site worth remembering depends on how many posts about the subject in question you had on your front page and my mental state at the time I found you.

There are two reliable ways to get linked on When Fangirls Attack. First, there is contact information for both myself and Kalinara on the sidebar. Use it. Email your link to us. If it is not on topic, we will ignore you. If it is, we will link you. Second, comments on When Fangirls Attack are once again open (and if I see fifty comments questioning our policies again, I will make you all pay somehow) and you can leave your link there.

That said, Written World is my fucking blog. Not yours. My comment section is not your fucking soapbox. I know that sounds childish, but Blogger and Wordpress and Livejournal and Insanejournal are all free services. You can get your own fucking blog and say whatever the fuck you want and delete whatever comments you like and be as rude or nice as you want. (If you are blogging about women in comics, let me know in one of the two reliable ways, I will link you on WFA.) If you're going to be long-winded, make it worth my while. If not, write a post on your own fucking blog and link it in the comments of the appropriate (links on a post that have shit to do with the link will be deleted according to my whims, even if they are from blood relatives and/or about women in comics) post here. (If it is about women in comics, I will link you on WFA.)

However, I'm not completely heartless. If you would like to play with my trolls, feel free. I don't mind if you break them.


  1. I doubt your intention was to make me ROTFLMAO, but it did anyway, and in a good way.

    So thanks, 'cuz right before that I was worrying about all the kids I know from the library, and if the library itself is still standing, and feeling really guilty anytime I also spend a few seconds worrying about my possible pay cut over the next few weeks.


    Anyway, I don't know how the fuck you do it and you rock.

  2. Ragnell, you just made my day. I have always envied you and Kalinar the quantity and quality of your trolls, so imagine my delight when I finally found one of my very own!

    So hey, "Anonymous". What SHE said!

  3. I'm willing to admit to being guilty in this case, but for clarification, I don't care about being linked by anyone. I'm way more interested in picking a fight. But in the future, I'll use a hyperlink with big print and maybe some instructive diagrams to avoid confusion.

  4. Hey Ragnell, thanks. If they didn't keep attempting to pick fights with you it might take me DOZENS of posts to figure out which of these asshats to ignore...

  5. big mike, when you learn to use hyperlinks, the really cool thing you learn is that html highlights the links for you!

  6. I'm guilty of linking to WFA to get a link.I don't know any better.I'm a noob.Thanks for the info.

  7. Soooo... I can't link to that funny LOLcat or my thoughts on Peyton Place?

    Good post, Ragnell... I'm happy I got linked, but I really never tried to get you to link to me, I totally swear! :)

  8. I am NOT that Anon...I am some OTHER Anon...really,truly,I am...

  9. Yay :D

    I agree with you totally! Esp about how ppl use other ppl's blogs as their own soapbox, it's like they're afraid to actually get their own blog and stick their neck out :\

  10. Wow?
    My very own post?
    I am so smrt.

    I am so Smrt.


  11. Mr. Narcissist, I may not have your special ability to read minds, but I'm fairly certain Ragnell was referring to Big Mike instead/as well.