Monday, September 03, 2007

I am nothing if not helpful.

This is an admittedly weird thing to link after all of those DC Defender posts, but I found an online t-shirt store that sells the stylish "Dan Didio Must Die" T-shirt pictured left (picture blatantly stolen from Fanboy Wonder).

I was going to try and write this post up as an advertisement, but really this thing sells itself. I know that several of my regular commenters will be unable to resist it.


  1. What? They only go up to size XXL? Talk about a merchant not knowing his or her customers.

  2. Is there a matching one for Joe Quesada?

    (I'm a firm believer in "equal time")

  3. No children's sizes? Oh well, I'll buy a small and wait for her to grow into it.

    OMG, I'm wearing this to weddings.

  4. Gordon: No, but there is, I believe, a Bendis shirt.

    Me, I don't believe Dan DiDio must die, but he must take a nap. Dude looks tired.