Sunday, July 22, 2007


I finished the Last Book of Potter a couple hours ago, and I've been mulling over either gushing or ranting (I loved 99% of the book, but one little bit irritated me and another little thing makes me angrier the more I think about it) but I'm going to spare you my venting until its safe to spoil.

How long should I wait?


  1. You could put a post up with spoiler tags and then talk about the book in the comments section. That way anyone who saw what you had to say would have been fairly warned.

    Or you might just wait a few days, giving most people enough time to read it for themselves.

  2. Me, I think wait three days after the book's been released, and even then mark the post as having spoilers (Richard's idea was also good.)

    Personally, I tend to be over sensitive on the whole issue. I put up spoiler warnings when I was discussing a relatively minor point about "Peter Pan".

    The novel, mind you, and not the movies...

  3. A couple of days sounds good. I did finish it in six hours, but people kept bothering me for rides and dinner and stuff, which was a pain.

    And I am too broken up about ONE death to talk about it. *sniff*

  4. I'd say a full week...mark it with spoilers still, though...

  5. I am only at page 200. Give us some time.

  6. I'd say that if it's really bugging you, do as Richard said and do it soon, because it minimizes the chances someone reading the Atom feed of scrolling down the main blog page gets spoiled. (If it's in the post, then yes, you get warned; but you have to scroll an unknown distance to get to content below it.)

  7. *Spoiler character death*

    NO! Not you *Spoiler character*!

    But yeah, for discussion of a plot point I'd say go with the spoiler thing and then talk in the comments. Though can Blogger do cut tags like LJ? I thought I'd seen them used by people occasionally on longer posts...

  8. Lurker -- It can, and I know how to, but its like a paragraph of code and it still goes out to the feed anyway.

    So I can cut it, but readers over Bloglines or Livejournal still get the full post. That's why this blog is generally spoiler shy.

  9. Maybe wait until the end of the week? Or if you'd like to post sooner, I like the ideas of putting up a placeholder post with the contents in the comments section, or at least a big long patch of whitespace to scroll through.

    Huge thanks for thinking of your Blogroll readers!

  10. So I can cut it, but readers over Bloglines or Livejournal still get the full post. That's why this blog is generally spoiler shy.

    Ouch! I was going to say "speak! with a spoiler tag" but in that case I guess waiting a week would probably be best. Or you could post on it and then immediately post a "Warning for LJ folk - my next post has spoilers" (since they're listed in reverse order). Because I've read it and I hate waiting a week, y'see. ;)

  11. What if you put up a post saying that you are going to discuss spoilers in the comments, and the put your post in the comments? Or would it be too long?

  12. arg! which would be what richard already suggested....

  13. Well, you could do a cut LJ post and then redirect from here.


    Yes, I am aware of a reason or two you would not want to do that.

  14. If you rant about everything that irks you, your rants become less effective, as people will start tuning them out.

    Choose your battles. I had to learn to choose, and it made my life easier when I did.

    Alan Coil

  15. I think someone needs to teach "Alan Coil" about what a blog is for...

  16. Alan, you seem to be shaky on this "Blog" thing.

    This is my place where I get to talk about whatever the fuck I want, when I want to, and if its a good point that others agree with it will be linked and agreed with, if it is stupid I will get a bazillion comments calling it stupid, and it may be linked as an example of a stupid petty argument.

    I am not going to curb myself from using this place of expression just because other people may find it petty or ineffective.

    You don't even know what the fuck torqued me off, what sort of insight I have, how it applies to anything I normally write about and here you are giving me a lecture about picking my battles saving my rage for only "worthwhile" causes.

    Fuck that. If I'm mad or annoyed, I am going to rant. Sometimes it will be over a wide-reaching point and other people will agree. Sometimes it will be over some petty little fannish bullshit and only I will care, but this is my place for that.

  17. Two things:

    First of all, if you put LJ-Cuts in the HTML of a Blogger post, they will work on the LJ-syndicated feed without affecting how it looks on your regular blog.
    [You can see two of them here, if you want.]
    But if your blog has syndicated readers from other services (like facebook) they won't respect the cut tag

    Second, I do know at least one person who is reading the book a chapter a day. The book has 36 chapters, so I'm trying to wait 36 days. However, temptation is tough -- I'm thinking of just using ROT13, so any spoilers I blog can only be read with decryption.

  18. Hi Ragnell,
    Until next week for me! I've abandoned any hope of reading until this week is done (my brutal--but so enjoyable and rewarding--summer session only has one more week).

    I'm on shutdown until then. I'm not even talking to Mr. Reads, as he is halfway through the book.