Thursday, July 26, 2007

Am I interpreting Gleason's art right?

In Green Lantern Corps #14, is that really a statue of Katma Tui on Korugar? I'm getting from the context that they were praising Soranik, but that looks like Katma's costume and hair in the statue.

Either way, nice panel composition. I love Pat Gleason so much and never want him to leave this book.

(Okay, I admit it, I just posted this to gloat that my favorite dead female character has a memorial now. But I do love Pat Gleason and this panel.)


  1. I wondered about that as well...but it sure LOOKS like Katma.

    Boy, Sinestro really has poor Soranik between a rock and a hard place!

  2. As cool as the monument is, that doesn't make much sense storywise.

    Doesn't that entire planet still have a hate-on for anything GL related, Katma included?

  3. Then again, Katma Tui, despite her GL association, is probably viewed as a liberator on Korugar.

  4. Well, there's a pro-Soranik movement on Korugar by this issue (probably from her work in the last two storylines), but I don't think that's enough time to get a statue of either woman built.

    In Emerald Dawn II, Katma was one of the leaders in the rebellion against Sinestro.

    EDII is itself retconned out, but some of the aspects (Sinestro training Hal, for example, and Hal causing his dismissal) remain.

    I do know that when Soranik was offered the ring, she said it was cursed, and had belonged to "Sinestro the Wicked and Katma Tui the Lost." Implies that there's a lot of grief on Korugar that they lost Katma, and its possible they blame the GLC for leading a bright young Korugarian to her death.

    On the other hand, in the same issue (GLC: Recharge #1), Guy says that Katma spent more time on Oa than Korugar because of the anti-GL atmosphere.

    Most likely, the population as a whole has seriously mixed feelings about Katma Tui, and the leaders put up the memorial because of cultural respect for the dead (Soranik places heavy emphasis on death rites in Recharge #3)

  5. Ah, I'd been wondering if the Emerald Dawn stuff had been recon'd out or not.

    A shame, most of it actually supports the yellow space bug crap rather than conflict with it.

  6. Anon -- Johns wanted the DUI gone, I bet. I think Hal in prison was one of the scenes specifically referenced when Superboy was punching the wall.

    However, he kept Sinestro as Hal's trainer, and Kilowog as the Drill Instructor, and most of the more important aspects of that origin. The stuff that got ingrained.

  7. Not completely on topic, but I thought I'd post a note letting you know I just found an interesting picture of some guy dressed like Kyle Rayner online. Mainly interesting because of your love of the Green Lantern butt. ;-)

  8. thought Id clear it up
    that is Katma Tui
    actually Dave asked for a shot of it on the first panel where we see natu being introduced, but it was so far back I never got to do a nice close up, so i thought it would have a good impact there in that panel.
    oh..and I love you too.