Thursday, June 14, 2007

In which Ragnell realizes she is 3 weeks behind on Countdown, and catches up.

You killed a Kirby creation?



  1. Wait...wasn't Sleez the guy that did the porno with Superman and Barda? Want to bet that Bats has a copy?

  2. SallyP -- purely for research purposes, I bet. *snickers*

  3. I thought Sleeze was a Byrne creation, not a Kirby.

  4. I think she's talking about Lightray.

  5. Yeah. Not only is the other one not a Kirby creation, but Kirby was absolutely horrified and appalled when he found out what Byrne had done. To see the enormity of this, understand that Mister Miracle and Big Barda were based on the relationship of Kirby and his wife Roz -- the strong woman protecting the guy who cherishes her and helping him escape the horrors of his childhood -- so, um, what Byrne did was really really bad.

    Mind you, the in-continuity superhero versions of these characters aren't the real Kirby creations. Check out the Fourth World Omnibus to see the real Lightray. He's way more complex and interesting than the one who got whacked!

  6. Oh, yeah, I meant Lightray. Like I said, I'm 3 weeks behind and this week I only had 3 new comics to read at lunch and when I finished the other two I figured I could catch up with Countdown's story even if I missed two installments. After all, I knew what was going on with Mary. I opened to a page with Jimmy Olsen saying something about Lightray's death.

    I may have yelled the contents of this post out loud in Subway, but I wasn't in the mood to notice.

    RAB -- Yeesh, that makes the whole thing so much more disgusting.