Thursday, June 14, 2007

As long as I'm mad about Countdown.

Still no substantial Kyle either. I'm going through withdrawal here. The fucking nerve of you guys, to have a 12-issue maxiseries which ends with a fucking advertisement for a book that's not going to come out for two months and shelve the character until then.

I swear, if Kyle dies because you felt his sales were too low after you went and gave him the stupidest name Winick could come up with as an official name then marketed his book under that stupid name with an unwieldy set of powers and used the brand name on two other books but not his I am camping outside your offices, DC. In my nerdy Green Lantern shirt. And harassing your editors.

Crummy Bastards.

(Granted, it'll be on a day trip home to the Northeast. But I'll have my equally loud and annoying sister with me!)


  1. HAS been quite some time since we saw Kyle. Last I knew, wasn't he off doing dirty work for the Guardians?

    I assume that he's going to be in the Sinestro Corps book, but I'm not sure when that's coming out either, so it has been quite a drought for Kyle fans. Not as bad as it is for John fans, but still!

  2. I've got to say that "Ion" is a problematic name, practically speaking--have you tried searching on it on the internet? Have you tried searching on it when you're trying to order comics from your online supplier? It's impossible! I know that I'm bound to miss something because of it.

    (You know, because "ion" is a part of so many other words that "Ion" is far from a unique identifier.)

  3. A Monitor will be along to kill him shortly. :)

  4. Come on... Kyle is by far the least necessary of the Green Lanterns of Earth. I'm way more disheartened by the lack of exposure that John Stewart has been getting the last year or so. Kyle is a good character, but there's only so much room in the Lanternverse for awesome characters. Hal and Guy's books have been firing on all cylinders and Ion was weak sauce. If Kyle dies, I'll be sad, but I won't cry about it.

  5. Hal Jorden is the least necessary of the Green Lanterns of earth. He's the asshole who's not as good as being an asshole as Guy.