Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Okay, who went to Emerald City ComiCon?

If you did, please tell me there is truth to this livejournal post:
Yes, the rumor is true; based on Gail Simone's very broad "hints" at Emerald City, she is going to be the next Wonder Woman writer.
That's a mean rumor to spread if there isn't, especially given the last issue.

So, what did she say?

Most importantly, did she say it on April 1st?


  1. I've no idea when she said it, but George Tramountanas recounts in the Comic Book Resources con report:

    For example, a fan asked Simone for confirmation of a rumor that she would be writing "Wonder Woman" soon. Although she couldn't confirm this, the writer did say that she will be writing "one of DC's premiere female characters soon."

    Sounds like good news to me.

  2. I really Enjoy everything I've read from Gail Simone, so I'd enjoy her view on Wonder Woman regardless of the spon she put on it. But if She kept the "Diana Prince, Dept of Metahuman Affairs" spin. I'd enjoy it that much more.

  3. Holy crap, I just dropped WW because I got fed up with the nonsense. God, I hope Ms. Simone leaps to its rescue soon.

  4. What if she's going to do a revival of Lois Lane, Superman's Girlfriend?

    Or maybe Power Girl gets a solo title?

  5. First Ice, and now this? (fans herself) I can only hope.

  6. From her description, I'd say that limits it to Wonder Woman, Supergirl, or Lois Lane (good call, JP). I'd also include Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in that list, but it'd hardly be too soon to announce, then, would it?

  7. But... but... but we need Gail to save Green Arrow/Black Canary from Judd Winick!

    Oh hell... putting a good writer on Wonder Woman is more important. We've survived three years of Winick, we can survive another...

    But Gail needs to guest-write the wedding issue!

  8. Actually, she was referring to Harley Quinn. Harley really is one of DC's premiere female characters, at least commercially. Later on in the interview, she goes on to say that the new member of the Secret Six has had a solo series, which Harley indeed had for a time.

    Actually, I think it's one of the greatest ideas ever.

  9. Oooh, I might have to pick up Secret Six again then.

    So, if Simone's out, how's everyone feel about pushing for Beau Smith to write Wonder Woman?

  10. Huh... except that per the new Detective Comics, Harley has honest-to-goodness reformed!


    I doubt it will stick but it's one of the best Dini stories I've read... and that's saying something.