Saturday, April 07, 2007

Early Fall? Sooner than I expected, in that case.

From Heinberg's blog:
In order for DC's AMAZONS ATTACK event to ship on schedule, DC has temporarily asked Terry and Rachel Dodson to stop working on WHO IS WONDER WOMAN?, PART 5, so they can draw and ink WONDER WOMAN #8 and #9 (scripted by Jodi Picoult). At that point, the Dodsons will return to our story, but that means, WHO IS WONDER WOMAN?, PART 5 probably won't ship until early fall. Sad news on the scheduling front, to be sure, but -- from the pages I've already seen -- it will be more than worth the wait.

The good news is that the extraordinary Gary Frank (SUPREME POWER) is currently drawing a 14-page NEMESIS back-up story I've written for the issue, which recaps the secret origins of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, Sarge Steel, and Nemesis. Like the Dodsons, Mr. Frank is a brilliant genius-person, a generous and kind collaborator, and one of my all-time favorite graphic storytellers. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work with him.


  1. You have to be impressed by the naive optimism expressed here in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    Hands up who thinks Wonder Woman #8 and #9 are going to ship on schedule.

  2. *Hand Up*

    I love Heinberg's work but that man has no ability to meet a deadline (in part because he has no ability to say "no" to a project). I doubt any of the delays had to do with the Dodsons.

    Man, I am greatly looking forward to that Nemesis back-up, it sounds awesome and offers the hope that Donna's finally going to get a workable origin story.

  3. Well...I am amused. Gary Frank is a very good artist, but I REALLY don't think that it is the Dodsons who are to blame for the bizarre lateness of this book.

    Mr Heinberg, if you can't do the work, then don't sign the contract. Other writers manage to get the job done every month, quite a number of them manage to get multiple books done every month.


  4. As someone on the DC Boards said, when the hell did he have time to write a 14 page story?

  5. Mari -- Now that Heinberg's in his own world I'm confident WW will ship on time. This was all on him. The Dodsons aren't habitually late artists.